Best Bait for Mouse Glue Trap

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Home cleanliness is one of the main things. Unfortunately, despite trying to clean the house regularly, sometimes we cannot avoid the presence of mice at home.

Mice at home can be very disturbing because mice feces and urine can endanger the health of residents.

Therefore, people usually set the trap of mice to dispel mice from home. One of the common traps of mice used is a glue trap.

For those of you who intend to use it, here are some of the best bait for mouse glue trap that you can try.

3. Cookies

Cookies Bait for Mouse Glue trap

Mice like all kinds of foods that contain sugar. Therefore, cookies can be one of the right choices for baiting mice. You can use any taste cookies. One of the mouse’s favorites is the chocolate flavor. Besides being easy to find, this bait is quite effective for catching mice.

You can put cookies on the glue trap and put it around where mice are usually seen. The smell of cookies will attract rats to approach the glue trap that you have prepared. When eating the bait, you have given, the mouse will be caught by the glue trap so you can easily get rid of it.

As mentioned earlier, mice love sweet foods. In this case, cookies are one of the cheap and easy to get baits. Besides cookies, you can also use candy, jelly beans, honey, and various other sweet foods. Choose products with a strong aroma and high sugar to catch mice faster.

The reason why cookies are one of the best mouse baits:

  • Cheap and easy to find.
  • Mice love sweet food with strong aroma.

2. Pet Food

Pet Food Bait

For those of you who have pets, you may often find traces of the presence of mice around it. That’s why some people put their pet food in a safe place so that mice cannot reach it.

Pet food is one of the mouse’s favorite food, especially the dried ones. Mice like the fishy aroma of processed fish or meat of the pet food. That’s why your pet food can be an effective bait to catch mice.

For those of you who want to use pet food as a mouse bait, make sure you choose the one with the strong aroma. Mice might prefer the fish flavor.

Place cat or dog food around the glue trap, then put it in the location where the mouse is often seen. The aroma of fish from cat food will attract mice to get close to the glue trap that you have prepared.

You can buy pet food at the nearest pet store or supermarket. Therefore, this method is only recommended for those of you who keep dogs or cats at home.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have pets, you should choose another bait instead of buying pet food to trap mice. You can use processed meat products, such as sausages, smoked beef, and beef jerky that you have at home.

The reason why pet food is one of the best mouse baits:

  • Dried pet food is one of mice’s favorite.
  • Mice love the fishy aroma of the pet food.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter for Mouse Glue Trap
Best Bait for Mouse Glue Trap

Some people might think that cheese is a favorite food of mice. This statement is not entirely wrong, but, mice prefer peanut than cheese. Therefore, peanut butter is the most effective rat bait.

The strong smell of peanut butter will attract mice out of their nests and into your trap. You even only need a little peanut butter to trap mice.

Place the peanut butter on top or around the glue trap that you have prepared. Make sure you put the trap in the place where mice are usually seen because usually, mice will pass on the same road. You can also add nuts on top of the peanut butter to make it more effective.

You can easily find peanut butter in supermarkets. Choose peanut butter with a strong aroma and high sugar, because it will make the mice more interested.

Aside from being known to be the most effective for trapping mice, peanut butter is also cheap, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to set a mouse trap.

The reason why peanut butter is one of the best mouse baits:

  • It’s cheap and easy to find.
  • Many people have tried it, and it works well.

That’s some of the best bait for mouse glue traps that you can try at home — basically, mice like sweet foods, protein, and food that have a strong aroma.

In addition to the three things above, you can also use processed meat products, grains, and other sugar-containing products. No need to buy, you can use leftovers from home.

Make sure you wear gloves when placing the bait. This is because mice have a strong sense of smell. If your scent is left in the bait, mice might not eat it.

You also don’t need to put too many baits. Just put a little in the right part so that the mice can be caught easily.

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