Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've shared a little life update on this blog, chatting you through what I've been up to and plans for the future but this is a big one. So when I say little, I guess you could say I'm playing it down slightly. In true 90s Kenan and Kel style: "Here it goes..."


Yes, after five years working in a minimum wage job that was slowly taking my soul, I bit the bullet and applied for a job in the NHS. I'm so excited for this new chapter in my life, you have no idea. I was starting to feel like I would be working in a bakery until I popped my clogs but this opportunity came up and something in me decided that I should grab it with both hands. And I'm glad I did! 

I finished my last shift on Saturday 18th August and I start my new job on Monday 3rd September, gosh it's like the first day of school! I suppose in a way it will be. I'm the new girl and I have a lot to learn, but I am so ready to get going with everything. So I'm currently on a two-week break between jobs - I'm calling it my FUNemployment phase - and I'm mostly using it to have a bit of rest and relaxation before the inevitable madness begins! This week I'm house/cat sitting for my friends who have gone away to Cornwall, and it almost feels like it's my own place. It stands me in good stead now I will be able to afford to put more money away for a flat deposit. I mean, you know, fingers crossed.

There are obviously things I will miss about my previous job (so weird to call it that right now) but I guess you could say that I won't miss the 5.30am wakeup alarms, or working weekends, Christmas and bank holidays. Yes, my days will be longer and probably much more stressful, but that's something I'm more than prepared for. It will be a whole new set of challenges for me to undertake, and that's what I've been craving.

I would love to know if any of you currently have or have had a job in the NHS, and what your experience has been like! I know it's such a broad sector, so any pros and cons in any capacity would be greatly appreciated. I have so much respect for anyone involved in our health service and I'm really looking forward to being one of them soon. Oh god, I'm starting to sound like I'm in a job interview now! Hopefully it's onwards and upwards from here; I'm finally going to be putting my degree to good use, guys - hallelujah! 

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