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I remember when the original Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional primer was released all those years ago. I was the tender age of 14 and had no clue what a primer was, or how I was supposed to use it. You kids will never know the struggles of not being able to look up a makeup tutorial on YouTube at the click of a button; believe me, we were all complete tangerine messes... I think back to my high school days and this primer was a daily staple in my makeup routine. I say "routine" but what I really mean is orange complexions and a Barry M kohl eyeliner heated up to oblivion with the help of a Bunsen burner during science class. Was anyone else's science teacher completely cool with that?! Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that my makeup skills have come a long way since then. I'm not sure that I've touched a kohl liner since my high school days (my eyes would appear tiny if I filled in my waterline) and I've steered clear of the POREfessional primer for a similar amount of time as back then I just didn't think it worked for me. Naive little me, completely unaware as to how to even use the product, had truly scarred grown-up me from repurchasing in my twenties.

Until now...

The POREfessional Pearl Primer released in the UK at the end of last year and, having not been as involved in the beauty blogging world for a good eight months or so, I had absolutely no idea! Bad blogger, eh?

The product is marketed as a "soft-radiance face primer to minimise the look of pores" and provides the brightening qualities that its original counterpart does not. It claims to not only minimise the look of pores, but also lock on makeup and boost skin to look bright and awake. Much needed if you ask me; my dull tired skin was ready to be remedied. The consistency is much less opaque and silkier than I thought, and boasts an oil-free matte finish. It also smells really good, slightly floral, and the scent stays put for a while once applied to the face.

I apply primer with my fingertips, much like a moisturiser, and more often than not in place of moisturiser. That's probably a cardinal beauty sin but sometimes I completely forget this step in my makeup routine, which is weird because I always remember to moisturise at night! I definitely need the help of a mattifying primer, as my skin in this hot weather veers more on the oily side, and then of course my makeup just doesn't last. There's an importance to primer that is overlooked by a lot of people, including myself. As soon as I apply this pearly beauty I can feel my face just drinking it up as it masks my pores and creates a smoother base to work on. You can use it under makeup or on its own for those, admittedly pretty rare, no foundation days due to its brightening qualities. The box also says that you can pat on top of makeup to touch up but I have to yet to try that, not completely sure that option is for me if I'm honest!

Benefit conducted a little bit of market research and discovered that, after one week's use:
90% of 100 women said their complexion looked brighter
91% of 100 women said it minimised the look of pores
96% of 100 women said it created soft-matte radiance

Overall, I really like this version of the coveted primer. Gone are my fears of applying wrong and looking like an orange moonface. The consistency and application of the pearl version has restored my faith in primers. My pores do look less prominent, and makeup does apply much better over the top. I'm fully convinced that primer should be a necessary step in anyone's beauty routine, even if you're going for a rest day on the foundation front. And let's not forget Benefit's cute packaging either; they never let us down on that one.

Have you tried this primer? What are your thoughts?

Benefit the POREfessional Pearl Primer retails at £27.50 (full size) or £10.50 (travel mini) and is available here
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