Friday, 29 June 2018


I am absolutely obsessed with this show. Like, full-on, binge-watch in 8 hours, o b s e s s e d. Honestly, I just adore it. If you haven't seen the original, or this Netflix remake, let me tell you the premise. Five gay guys have access to all areas of a nominee's life, and they basically life-coach them to become more confident whilst simultaneously making over their appearance, style, diet and home. In the original, the Fab 5 would makeover a straight man, but in the new remake the first season focussed on all types of men, and season two included women and a transgender woman. I love each of the Fab 5 in their own little ways. Their enthusiasm to make people become the best versions of themselves just makes for wonderful, heartwarming viewing. Their ability to transform someone's mindset in a week actually blows my mind. And the people they help out are so sweet, open and willing to change for the better for their loved ones. It's so emotional, and I dare you not to shed a tear when watching. If you watch one thing from this list, let it be this one!

I promised myself I wouldn't get into Love Island as much as I did last year but I've found myself waiting for 9pm to roll around every single night. And while it's not nearly as dramatic as its Aussie counterpart (there are some seriously insane clips circulating Twitter and YouTube) it has definitely had its moments. Jack and Dani are clear frontrunners, and I really like them as a couple so I hope it stays that way! Plus I've been keeping myself entertained with all the amazing memes when the show isn't on as well. Too easy.

Talked about like it's the new Making a Murderer, I'm only a few episodes into this true crime investigation. So far, so good; but I'm also wondering how they're going to string it out for 13 one-hour-long episodes. Still, I'm finding it very interesting. 

It's funny. You look at me and you probably don't think "hey, that girl's clearly into 90s hip hop/rap" but guess what? I love it. I was such a big fan of both Tupac and Biggie Smalls growing up so this show was right up my alley. It's kind of along the lines of the American Crime Story series; in that, it's a dramatisation based on true events. The actors who play Tupac and Biggie bare a striking real-life resemblance. It's actually pretty freaky how similar they look and sound - great casting! To this date, no one has ever been convicted of either man's murder so this series follows a fictional police investigation, led by Josh Duhamel in which they uncover the fatal events and try to come to a conclusion.

Because who can really avoid it? I'm not particularly into football - at all, actually - but there's something about the World Cup that suddenly brings a home supporter out of me. Obviously I'm here for England... until they embarrass themselves then I'm back to not caring in the slightest. I've done the classic girl thing (which probably isn't painting our gender in a good light) and based how good teams are by how attractive the players are! I also got Japan in my work sweepstakes so I kind of have to support them too. I have to say it's so nice how an international football tournament can bring everyone together though. The pubs have been mad! So far, it all looks good for England. Maybe this time football really is coming home...

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