Sunday, 24 June 2018


This one speaks for itself, but a little extra money for doing a good job is always appreciated. The added tax and automatic student loan repayments was not, however! It came just in time though. I feel like I'm always skint at the moment so it was nice to be able to put some away into my savings as well as indulge my spendy side without feeling too guilty.

When I first started going to Sunday yoga classes last November I found it so bloody hard and was always an absolute sweaty mess afterwards. I'm still a bit of mess but I can see myself improving and, better yet, my yoga teacher has praised me for how much I've improved. She even commented on how flexible I was a few weeks ago, and I actually answered with "really?!" - it just goes to show how hard we can be on ourselves when learning a new skill. Usually other people see improvements before we do ourselves, but it's nice that I can finally find certain poses a lot easier. I know my strengths and am more than willing to work on my weaknesses. My yoga teacher is going away pretty much all next month so it looks like it'll be yoga practise in the garden until she's back. I don't want to backtrack on my progress!

I'm not sure whether it's the warmer weather, working hard, being busy, or perhaps a combination - and I don't want to jinx things - but I've been falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow recently. My sleep schedule is likened to a granny because of work (I go to bed at 10pm and I'm up at 5.30am) so I think my brain finally knows when it's time to shut off. Only took it four years... Whatever the reason, I've just generally been getting a really good night's sleep and I feel so much happier because of it.

It's amazing when you live in a place all your life and yet you still find little nooks and crannies that you haven't properly explored yet. Since the weather has been gorgeous I've been really enjoying getting outside and taking the dog on new walk routes. Not only this, but I've been wandering around my city and it's made me fall in love with it all over again. I've also discovered a couple of new places to eat which I'm excited to share with you all soon!

As a bit of an introvert I can go through spells of not wanting to do anything or see anybody, but this month I've been craving a bit of social interaction. I've been seeing different friends a lot more; going for brunches, dinner and drinks, BBQs, the beach... All in all it's been lovely to get out with old high school friends, my uni girls, my yoga buddy and just generally let my hair down. I'm also off to visit my best friend in Yorkshire next month, which I am so excited about. I can't wait to see my northern family! 

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