Sunday, 6 May 2018


I love my hometown. It's one of the smallest cities in the UK so everyone just calls it a town. "I'm just popping into town" is one of my most frequently used phrases, I think! The above are a few recent photographs taken with my iPhone 7, and then enhanced in the VSCO app to adjust the brightness that an overcast day doesn't provide. Chichester is a beautiful city, even on a cloudy day. It has so much history and the buildings are so pretty and interesting to look at! I've discovered "golden hours" in terms of busyness - there's basically not a lot of people about early in the morning (8-10am) and in the evening (6-7pm summertime) so these were all snapped around those hours, if you know where to go to avoid all the tourists.

Most Sunday mornings, myself and my friend Lauren go to an 8am hatha yoga class. I know, 8am on a Sunday sounds criminal, but it's actually been amazing for setting us up for the day. The class is local, very small, and lasts about an hour. It's also by the sea which helps with relaxation, especially on a warm day where we can have the studio doors open. We can stand and chat with our instructor for 15 minutes to half an hour after every class as well. We're quite counterproductive; in that, we almost always go for breakfast after yoga, and it's usually a naughty one. We often look like sweaty messes but this is what we do. This is our life. It's become routine. 

On this particular Sunday, we drove into town and stopped by Carluccio's. Aside from their overly-dramatic, completely over the top Italian manager (I'm convinced he's not really Italian, it's that OTT), I have to say that their coffee is delicious. As I get older, I'm starting to love coffee more and more. And the smell of freshly ground coffee beans in the morning, well, there's nothing like it. I opted for a cappuccino, which came with a chocolate-covered coffee bean, and Lauren had a latte. For food, we both ordered the eggs benedict, and finished our morning meal with a croissant - almond for Lauren, pistachio for myself. Oh my goodness, that pistachio croissant though... I still think about to this day! It was amazing, with its super vibrant thick green pistachio paste inside and chopped pieces of nut on top. All the heart eye emojis! I'll definitely be going back, even if it's just for a bunch of them to takeaway.


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