Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Pretty much all of the UK enjoyed a scorcher of a bank holiday, which is so rare. I don't know why this never happens but you can bet that everyone took full advantage of the gorgeous sunshine last weekend and beyond. I'm in two minds about living in a seaside village. On the one hand, I have the choice of three beaches; one of which is a literal five-minute walk away from my house. On the other, the summer months and public holidays are an absolute nightmare.

I hate to sound like a grumpy old woman, because I understand that our little village benefits hugely from the revenue that tourism brings, but it's soul-destroying at times. I think it's mostly about respect. A glimpse of sunshine and everyone who's anyone flocks down to our beaches. Traffic stretches back for miles, so if you're wanting to travel anywhere as a local, you've got no chance. It's sad to think that tourists can be so careless; people basically park where they like (including double yellow lines, in front of residents' driveways and sometimes even IN them) they leave the beaches in such a state, and as someone who works in retail, can be incredibly rude and disrespectful to locals. I apologise for this little rant. In no way do I want the tourism to stop, but I just wish people would be a bit more courteous and respectful when it comes to our home. At the end of it all they get to leave, it would be nice if they took their rubbish with them!

That being said, this bank holiday weekend was lovely on a personal level. I worked my busiest Saturday of the year so far (solo, I might add) then went out to dinner with my best friend for a massive catch-up. We went to ASK Italian for four courses and a bottle of rosé, which was much needed after the day I'd had! On Sunday, I went to my usual hatha yoga class, ate breakfast al fresco, and then joined more friends down the beach for a BBQ in the evening. We managed to stay long enough to catch a glimpse of the sunset (how gorgeous was that?!) Monday I had an amazing lay-in and then lazed about, sunbathed in the garden, before another family BBQ at home. Safe to say, all that fun in the sun knackered me out.

Hope you all had a fun bank holiday weekend! What did you get up to?


  1. Such beautiful pictures. I loved how sunny it was last week - I hope the same happens next bank holiday weekend too! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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