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Oh my goodness. Before I can go into the beautiful eyeshadows in this huge palette, allow me to provide you with a little story time as to why this baby arrived so late. Now I am in no way shading Jeffree Star Cosmetics - this actually has nothing to do with the brand and e v e r y t h i n g to do with the Royal Mail so let me just put that out there, first and foremost. Me and Royal Mail ain't friends right now and that's the true tea... 

So, it all started when I set an alarm (yes, I was that desperate) to get my hands on this palette. It was available for pre-order as it had already sold out on 11th February aka launch day, and I was informed that it would take 5-6 weeks for them to manufacture new batches to cater to the large amounts of interest in the Love Sick collection. In it went to my basket without a second thought. About six weeks later, around 23rd March, I received an email to tell me that my sought-after palette was finally on its way. Fantastic. A few more weeks went by and, because it was coming from the USA, I wasn't too worried about how long it was taking to ship internationally. On the 20th April, I decided to track down my parcel so I contacted JSC, who were brilliant by the way; their customer service was great and their replies were so quick. They informed me that my order had been shipped and was in the hands of the Royal Mail, providing me with another tracking number. Lo and behold, it had been sat at my local depot for THREE WEEKS and I hadn't received a card through my door to tell me it was here and needed a customs fee paying. Unbelievably frustrating! So on a sunny Sunday morning I drove to the depot, had a bit of a complain about the Royal Mail being complete rubbish, paid the £19.46 customs fee (crazy but worth it for the contents) and went away with a lovely bright pink box! 

Inside the box was my bounty - a delicious sugar lip scrub in the flavour Cherry Soda, and of course, the long-awaited Blood Sugar palette. 

As this is a first impressions post I just thought I would talk you through the palette and how I'm getting on with it. If you've never tried any Jeffree Star Cosmetics products before (where have you been?! Get on the Skin Frost bandwagon at the very least) then just know that they have always boasted and championed vegan and cruelty-free makeup. On the website, the Blood Sugar palette is described as one of a kind, with extreme payoff, and not for the faint of heart. It includes 18 striking eyeshadows serving three luxurious formulas: matte, metallic, and pressed glitter. The products are housed in a gorgeous red faux-leather case with metal clasps, making it live it up to that higher end price tag.

Apologies for not having swatches to show you this time round, but you'll have to take my word for it when I say that these shadows are SO pigmented. You only have to tap your brush in the pan in order to get great pay-off. And that is quite the mean feat; historically, red pigments are the most difficult to get right in terms of long-wearing formulas, and it's hard to find a shadow with red pigment that doesn't stain your eyelids a weird tinge of pink. From the wear I've gotten out of these so far (I tried Fresh Meat, Cherry Soda and Blood Sugar specifically for this) I can safely say staining is not a problem. They also blend like a dream, even the metallics. The lighter matte shades (Sugarcane and Cake Mix) are great transitional colours that can provide a base for whichever direction you decide to go in terms of boldness, and the pure white (Glucose) serves as a launching pad to make other shades live up to their pigmented pan selves. The pressed glitter shadows (Donor in particular) are a little harder to accommodate, but I don't think I will use these as much day-to-day in all honesty. They're good for pressing onto the lid as a final flourish, and I'm okay with that. 

Some of you will probably gasp at the price of this palette. $52 plus your preferred shipping method and, if you're like me and live internationally, you're probably looking at an extra £20 customs fee on top of that too. However, I think that you do get a lot of product for your money. 18 different shades with three different formulas? You're laughing really! I mean, not all the way to the bank but still! Fan or foe of Jeffree himself, you've got to admit, the guy does his research and he knows what sells. The Blood Sugar palette is unlike any eyeshadow palette I've seen on the current beauty market; from the beautiful golds, to the bright reds and the neon pinks... If you've got eyes you should probably get this palette. High praise indeed for first impressions.

The Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette retails at $52 and is available on the JSC website, along with the rest of the Love Sick collection here.

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