Monday, 15 May 2017


With spring now in full swing (unintentional rhyme there, thank-you) there's nothing I love more than seeing all the pretty plants in bloom. For as long as I can remember, my favourite flower has been the peony, especially pale pink and white varieties. I can't tell you how happy I was when my best friend handed me my bridesmaids bouquet and it was adorned with the most beautiful pink and cream peonies; we have a third-generation peony cutting in our garden that gave us several red blooms this year - hell, I'm currently in the middle of getting a half sleeve tattooed with pretty peonies - I simply love them! They are my forever flower, if you will.

The British peony season is very short. Weather permitting; you can expect to get hold of native varieties from May until late July. There is so much symbolism associated with this gorgeous flower, too. To the Chinese, the peony symbolises wealth, luck, elegance and poise; to the Greeks, healing; to the Japanese, happy marriage and virility (hence its choice in wedding bouquets!) I think there's something quite romantic about peonies. I would choose them over roses any day!

Where I live, I find it really difficult to find good quality in-season peonies. Supermarkets hardly ever stock them and local florists are few and far between, unless, of course, you want to splash out on a bouquet that lasts a week at best. Bloom & Wild are my first port-of-call when it comes to buying my flowers, both for beauty and ease of delivery (straight through your letterbox!). I don't buy them often but I find I don't need to. The last peony bouquet I purchased from them lasted over 4 weeks, which I was extremely happy about!
 Housed perfectly in this lovely handmade Dartington Crystal short Tara vase*, the Fleur bouquet from Bloom & Wild is the ideal fresh centrepiece to any home this spring. It not only contains some gorgeous ready-to-bloom Sarah Bernhardt peonies, but also is accompanied by five pale pink roses as well as lavendar scabiosa, pink september and greenbell foliage. Each of the 25 stems comes individually netted to avoid damage throughout the delivery process. I can’t wait until they bloom fully, they really do brighten up my bedroom.

Do you love peonies as much as I do? Where do you get your bouquets? I’d love to know!

The Fleur bouquet retails at £38, and is available from Bloom & Wild's website
*I was kindly gifted this item for the purpose of a blog post
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