Monday, 19 September 2016


Hello everyone, I'm finally back with a beauty review no less! And, my oh my, is this one a doozie...

Charlotte Tilbury has always been one of my absolute favourite luxury makeup brands. I mean, those eyeshadow quad palettes are to die for, the eyeliners so beautifully creamy, and don't even get me started on those gorgeous lipstick/lip pencil combos! With that higher price tag, I expect a higher quality product. Unfortunately, it's not always the case; and it's with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that I'm a bit disappointed with their newer mascara.

Legendary Lashes was inspired by starlets and supermodels, with a unique elastic formula that is intended to lift and separate the lashes for a Hollywood false-lash effect like no other mascara. The "genius" ingredients include marine glycogen to stimulate hair growth, tamanu oil to protect, nourish and strengthen lashes; and a special blend of waxes to create elasticity. The wand itself has an innovative collection of bristles of differing sizes to ensure every lash is caught and coated. The formula supposedly doesn't crack, clump or drop - a bit of a carbon black lie, Tilbury... While I wouldn't say my lashes were particularly clumpy, after the recommended three coats I could definitely feel that stickiness whenever I blinked.

Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely mascara... for your top lashes. I think the problem for me is that the formula is a mixture of waxes, and that easily transfers under my eyes and gives me that dreaded panda look mere minutes after application. No amount of primer, concealer, or setting powder will mask it, and believe me I've done the legwork. Disappointing to say the least! I'll just grab my bamboo now...

It also definitely doesn't give your lashes 13 times more volume like it claims, but then again, who actually believes that rubbish?! I bought this mascara hoping it would live up to the hype (and the hefty price tag) and it's safe to say that this one does not do its job, at least not for my bottom lashes. 

It's a shame when a product from a brand you really love isn't right for you. I've heard some equally wonderful reviews about Legendary Lashes, but I just don't think the new formula works for me. At least I know that Full Fat Lashes is the one foolproof higher end mascara that ticks all the boxes - Tilbury's saving grace!

Have you tried Legendary Lashes? What did you think, love it or hate it?

Legendary Lashes retails at £25, and is available from Charlotte Tilbury stores and online. 

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  1. I think you've hit the nail on the head - her mascaras are a marmite product. I've heard people rave about them and swear it's the only mascara they will consider. But I bought the original one with high hopes and was disappointed. The panda eye was the worst I've ever had from a mascara, including cheap high street ones. And with the CT price tag, it did temporarily put me off her other products. But i think it's just the mascara (so far) that i've found to be, as you said, a marmite thing.


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