Monday, 18 July 2016


Every year for five days only Andrew Elms opens his beautiful lavender fields to the public. It's easy to see why it garners so much attention here in West Sussex, with friends and families alike flocking to the farm for a glimpse of these purple beauties in all their sunny glory. 

We decided to go on one of the hottest (and most hungover) Sundays I've ever experienced. Honestly, I had this amazingly optimistic idea that it was going to be the perfect Instagram photo opportunity, and that I was going to get dolled up and frolic through the lavender (as a lot of people did, I noticed). But when the morning came, I decided a greasy fry-up and a 2-hour snooze was more important, and the wild flowers took superiority in terms of my photography subject rather than my recovering self! So off we went, armed with my trusty DSLR and a whole lot of water.

Driving to Lordington farm was a cinch, with the place signposted by huge white wooden gates and plenty of exasperated albeit cheerful parking attendants. The last open day of the year was sure to be their busiest, so much so that they were already holding "closed" signs when we arrived around 2.30pm. Nevertheless we parked up and dragged ourselves up the steady hill to get to the site - an amazing feat for two worse for wear twenty-somethings. 

Round the corner to this stunning view and all other thoughts disappeared in that moment. The smell of the lavender was incredible. It was nature's paradise, with honey bees and butterflies dancing amongst the wild flowers, merrily going about their business as hoards - and I mean hoards - of visitors grabbed their cameras and snapped away.

I've never seen so many people so excited to be hanging out in a purple field. You know those hilarious pictures of people trying to hold up the leaning tower of Pisa? Well, I really should've taken a photo of how many people were taking selfies in the lavender fields in different places, haha! It was so difficult to get any wide shots of the lavender without someone getting in the way unfortunately, but I still think I managed to get some decent shots for you all to see. It's definitely one of those things to tick off your list if you ever visit West Sussex. 

The farm was open from 10 until 4pm, so there was plenty of time to run about and have fun in the fields, although the heat was a real factor this time round. This heatwave is pretty insane right now, isn't it! There was also a small barn selling local lavender products (including cuttings to plant your own lavender) and hay bales for people to sit on and enjoy tea and cake, which I thought was quite a nice idea. An ice-cream would've gone down a treat, however! The entrance fee was £4 and that included a donation to charity, under 16's got in for free. 

It was such a lovely and super different activity to do on a sunny summery Sunday, and I'm sure we'll be visiting again next year. Let's just hope we don't go out the night before this time!


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