Tuesday, 21 June 2016


What's this? A bouquet of flowers that can be posted through your letterbox? Ingenious! 

I had been in two minds about ordering flowers online, questioning both quality and freshness; after all, most store-bought bouquets last a week at best, give or take. But I decided to take the plunge, even if it was just for a one off, because flowers can be pretty expensive. The premise of Bloom & Wild is really simple. Either order a single bouquet of your chosen flowers (all sets are called ridiculously beautiful girly names) or start a subscription to receive a monthly surprise bouquet. Such a lovely idea. 

Deciding I needed a little pick-me-up - single girl memo: buy your own damn flowers! - I spotted the gorgeous-looking and oh-so-aptly named 'Belle' bouquet and a cheeky £10 off your first order reminder. I mean, how could I pass up the opportunity?

For some reason I find peonies are so difficult to come by in shops, especially at a decent price. One of my favourite flowers, alongside roses of course, I honestly couldn't resist purchasing a bouquet which featured both so harmoniously before the super short peony season is over. Proof nothing beautiful lasts forever, eh?

The Belle contains:
- Sarah Bernhardt peonies
- creamy athena roses
- subtle pink la belle roses
- green bell
- bupleurum

The head of each bloom is carefully netted by hand to protect every petal on its journey so the bouquet arrives through your letterbox in the perfect condition. The box also contains plant feed to keep your flowers fresher for longer and a pretty little ribbon which I tied around the neck of the vase I popped them in.

At £33, the Belle is not cheap by any means, but I've found the quality is superb (and £10 off helped sway my decision). The peonies fully opened up within two days on a sunny windowsill and wilted around the two-week mark. Not bad at all by my standards. The roses, however, have lasted ages. I cut them down when I got rid of the peonies, popped them into a smaller vase with fresh water, and they're still going strong four weeks later - seriously! So impressed!

Bundle/subscriptions start from £60, and if you have that kind of disposable income then I would totally recommend buying yourself something pretty. Equally, if you're just looking for a one-off bouquet, I would definitely recommend Bloom & Wild. Any of the beautiful bouquets would make a wonderful surprise gift or brighten up a special occasion.

The Belle retails at £33, with subscriptions starting from £60.


  1. This is such an amazing idea - what a stunning arrangement!


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