Saturday, 30 April 2016


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April seems to have come and gone in a complete flash! I can't quite believe it's gonna be May tomorrow (and yes, that JT meme has already done the rounds on my Facebook, haha) I've worked pretty much the entirety of April, and then spent most weekends over at best friend's flat. We've had lots of planning to do over the past month - and we've indulged in way too many takeaways, brunches and wine sessions whilst doing it. Living the life, aren't we? Haha!

Oh, and in the last few days I somehow reached 1,000 followers on Instagram! It may not seem like a big number to a lot of people but I was so excited when I saw. I honestly never thought that I'd get more than a couple of likes on anything I posted so it was a real treat to see that a three-figure sum of you now follow my little account. I know we always say that we shouldn't worry about the numbers and just produce great content but it really means a lot so thank you! I definitely see my Instagram account as an extension of my blog (of which is currently not churning out content, sorry!) and it's my favourite social media platform by far.

I have to admit, I'm seriously excited for May. I've got a whole two weeks off work (haven't had a week off since October so I'm looking forward to it so much!) and I'm cramming a whole lot of stuff in! I can't wait to finally go up to Yorkshire for a week to see my northern bestie and meet little baby Jonathan for the first time. He'll be around 7 or 8 weeks old when I go up and I can't wait to give him lots of cuddles and spoil him rotten. I'm definitely going to be that cool, fun aunt! I'm also going on a road trip to Bath, day trips to Brighton, and finishing off with a long weekend in London! Yeah, May is going to be awesome!

How was your April? What are you looking forward to most in May?


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