Saturday, 26 March 2016


Hey everybody! 

This is just a little short post wishing you all a lovely long Easter weekend. I hope you're enjoying being in the company of family and friends, and indulging in all the chocolate and hot cross buns you can get your hands on. I know I am...

I worked Good Friday and Saturday and, being a bakery, it was absolutely mental. I'm actually exhausted and so glad I get two days to recuperate before the madness of half term commences. I can't tell you how many packs of hot cross buns I've sold in the past week, it's definitely in the 100's. And yet, I still want to eat them myself - crazy!

So I'm spending Easter Sunday at home with my family. My brother is coming round for a roast dinner and we're having hot cross bun bread and butter pudding for dessert (if you saw This Morning earlier in the week you'll know what I'm talking about - ohhhh buddy!) Of course, there's obviously chocolate too. We don't usually go too mad on Easter eggs as we're a bit older now, but I might have bought myself an egg from Betty's, along with some cute little Easter biscuits. My Mum got me the M&S Beehive Honeycomb Egg that I had been eyeing up on a recent food shop too. It's ah-ma-zing. A milk chocolate egg studded with honeycomb pieces with 8 Scottish heather honey caramels. Oh my god. A honey lover's dream!

I will probably spend the Monday in a chocolate coma, watching movies on the sofa like an upturned tortoise. And I'm totally cool with that.

What are your Easter plans?


  1. It sounds like you really deserve to put your feet up today - can only imagine how busy bakeries are this weekend. Woah!

    I am planning on doing exactly the same as you - eating all the chocolate in sight and feeling sorry for myself tomorrow (while still managing to eat more chocolate!)

    Happy Easter!


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