Monday, 30 November 2015


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I haven't written an Instagram catchup since my old account got deleted, so I figured I'd give you all a little life update...

Firstly, I had the privilege of being my best friend's maid of honour back in the beginning of October. I hadn't actually seen her in over two years because we're both so busy and live so far apart but I spent four lovely days in Yorkshire in the end. We indulged in pre-wedding afternoon tea, drove around in porsches, explored Hazlewood Castle, and basically lived like queens! The wedding itself was truly gorgeous. The weather was perfect for an October day and the staff at the castle were so lovely and attentive. Our hair and makeup was done professionally, and the girl's family was from my little village - such a small world! As you can see our bouquets were absolutely beautiful too! I desperately wanted to take mine home, but those Louboutin pumps ended up coming with me instead...

Work has died down a bit after the crazy summer we had, and so I've been really enjoying my days off. We're gearing up for Christmas - have been since about September really - and I'm working it all this year and won't actually be having any time off until my birthday at the end of January, sob! That being said, I still already feel in such a Christmassy mood. Our decorations went up this weekend and we've bought a ton of brand new glass baubles for our tree. I suggested going for a bit of a change this year, so our theme is gold, white, and clear - and I have to say our tree looks so sophisticated. I must snap a photo at some point to share with you all!

At the start of this month I had a little day trip to London. I haven't been in ages, even though it's only an hour's train ride away, and we hit all the shops we could before the Christmas rush. That, of course, included a rather excited trip to Covent Garden for a Shake Shack and Ladurée experience like no other. Oh man, I cannot wait to go back - it was honestly the best cheeseburger I've ever eaten in my life! We were knackered by the time we had walked the length of Oxford Street, Bond Street and Piccadilly Circus combined - but there is nothing like the bright lights of London, right? The Tube still scares the bejesus out of me, mind...

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


This time of year is a favourite of mine for fashion. I love shopping for Fall/Winter way more than Spring/Summer. I think it's mostly because I can wear all the navy and black I want and no one can accuse me of being unadventurous. Who am I kidding? I wear dark colours all year round... And I can't remember the last time I did a little fashion wish list for you so I figured this was long overdue. But seriously, it takes a lot of time and effort to sift through websites searching for the best of the best. There's also the favourite pastime of adding everything to the virtual basket, looking at the total, laughing hysterically, closing all the tabs and then never speaking of it again... But with Christmas well and truly on its way (it's November, we're cool, we can say it) see if there's anything you like here that you can add to your list for Santa!

So trust me on this, I did A LOT of research on A LOT of well-known brands and below are three places that I think have nailed this season's winter warmers. 




I've decided that I really love a whole host of different styles this year. I'm usually a straight-up khaki parka girl but I would love a warm wool coat for the colder months. Plus, you can dress them up for the evening and they still look lovely and sophisticated. I've also got a faux fur coat on my own personal wish list. Oh, and a special mention to ZARA who have the most gorgeous chunky knit scarves at the moment - and they're a complete steal at just £12.99! Just a little heads up for all you scarf-wearers out there!

So, what do you think of my picks? Which style of coat do you like best?
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