Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Hello everyone, hope you're having a lovely week! Today I wanted to talk hair. More specifically, not my hair, but hair extensions. 

I love having long hair so much - I don't think I would ever cut it shorter than my shoulders - so any help I can get to extend my length I will definitely take. I've used Foxy Locks before back when I was a bottle blonde, so I know what I'm getting and trust that they're going to be great quality.

I reverted back to my natural hair colour over a year ago now and because I bleached the heck out of it I now have a lovely inadvertent ombré effect going on. So, I needed a set of extensions that would accommodate my new barnet. Foxy Locks are really helpful at determining the right shade for you. I sent them a recent photo and they were able to tell me that my new shade was Honey Spice Ombré. I also haven't curled my hair in over a year as the only time I do it is when I wear hair extensions so the above photographs probably show how out of practise I am (curling iron burn on the neck and all).

I'm always really impressed with the quality of Foxy Locks extensions. They use 100% Remy human hair and it's so, so shiny and healthy-looking. I bought the 165g deluxe 20" set, which I actually had to preorder two months prior due to their popularity, and it includes the following 10 wefts for a full head of hair:

- One x 8" wide with 4 clips
- One x 7" wide with 4 clips
- Two 6" wide with 3 clips
- Two 4" wide with 2 clips
- Four 1" wide with 1 clip

Honey Spice Ombré is a blend of light Chestnut Brown fading into Honey Blonde. If you're not exactly these shades in regular hair extensions there is a bit of leeway either side of the shades. My natural hair colour is more ashy and less red than the Chestnut Brown but it still blends nicely. It's a suitable blend of natural colour to achieve that coveted ombré and Balayage locks that everyone seems to be seeking recently - including myself! The deluxe set provides thickness, length and added volume that we all crave in order to get those gorgeous Victoria's Secret Angel loose waves. 

So how do I style my hair? Well, after washing and blow-drying I use the Enrapture Totem Styler on the setting 1, 2, 3 to achieve a loose wave at the top and a tighter curl at the bottom. I section off my hair and curl my entire head (that sounded weird) and then I clip in my extensions. The really great thing about having so many wefts is that you can choose how much volume and thickness you want. For example, for me, the largest 4-clip weft is actually quite big for my head so I tend to leave it out, and I also only use two of the 1" clips on either side of my head, just above my ears. Once everything is in place, I curl the extensions. You can always apply hairspray to keep the hold for longer but I've always found that the extensions hold their style very well. And once you've curled them once it makes it so much quicker and easier to clip them in the next time (obviously until you wash them).

Now for the price tag. This deluxe set of hair extensions set me back £88, which I am more than willing to pay. The hair is fabulous quality that lasts; and they can be styled, washed and even dyed if you so wish. With proper care, these extensions will last you for years and add glamour to any look - just make sure they blend in properly!

What do you think of hair extensions? Have you tried Foxy Locks before?

To see the full range, visit the Foxy Locks website


  1. I used to love wearing extensions and I think these are really reasonably priced for what you get! They look lovely :)
    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // xo

  2. Your hair looks amazing Katie!

    I got your link from the #fblchat and now following you on Bloglovin'! I would love it if you had a look at my blog, I'm at www.belezabyems.com

    Looking forward to your future posts!

    Emily x

  3. WOW it really looks stunning, I think you get what you pay for extensions and I need to make an investment purchase xx

  4. Wow they look incredible on you! so beautiful! I've heard a lot of people switching to Foxy Locks! I see why!! Really great review, thank you for posting!!

  5. The extensions look amazing and so natural!
    Rachel Coco

  6. Love these, they look amazing! So pretty and I love the colour! X

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