Tuesday, 31 March 2015


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March was clearly the month of flowers and food... Then again, when doesn't my Instagram involve flowers and food? I can't help it. I've become one of those people who just has to take a photograph (or five) of my meal before I eat it, especially breakfast. Oh my god, breakfast. It has turned out to be my favourite time of the day - and if I'm not at work and feeling particularly lazy I class it as brunch and munch on whatever takes my fancy. Aside from my usual croissant and coffee, I've been loving sesame seed bagels filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon too. The smokier, the better in my opinion. 

And of course, I treated my Mum to lunch on her birthday. Granted, it was only tea and sandwiches but they are the best damn sandwiches out there, believe me! We went to our favourite little surf hangout in our village - The Drift-In. I absolutely love it there. Everything is so relaxed and laid back, and the food is really tasty for such a reasonable price. They started off just being a tiny hideaway that made delicious crepes and pancakes (another favourite of mine, as you know) but have since expanded and now do all sorts from soup of the day, wraps and sandwiches, to warm salads and nachos. My go-to choice is the bacon, brie and cranberry granary sandwich, served with a small salad and crisps - the best! Seriously, if you're ever down on the south coast in the Wittering area - drop in and see for yourself.

You can check out their menu here.

Why all the flowers? Birthdays, Mother's Day and general Springtime - how can I truly resist all the beautiful blooms around? We even picked a few wild primroses on our usual dog walks and they are still going strong in a lovely little vase on the coffee table. There is nothing like the smell of wild flowers. I've never smelt anything like a primrose. They are so sweet! I know we lost an hour's sleep this weekend, but I am so much more cheerful knowing that the days are finally getting longer! Spring forward and all that. Here's to long sunny days, light evenings and plenty more photo opportunities, eh? I think every season has its pros and cons. I like Spring for the nature most of all. The trees finally gaining back their green leaves, wild flowers, blossoms - all that colour! It makes the world a better place, for sure. 

So are we all excited for Easter? I managed to bag me a load of Easter eggs on my 20% discount at work so I'm all set. Plus, I'm paying a visit to Hotel Chocolat tomorrow to see what wonders they behold for the Spring. I would be more hyped, but I'm working the long weekend - oh the joys of retail. I have to work normal hours, so my Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday are going to be stressful and busy... I don't even get paid extra like I thought so I'm fuming and dreading it now. Safe to say I've tried to book off the rest of the bank holidays this year - no wonder my colleagues were so keen to nab their holidays! Anyway, I hope you all have a peaceful Easter whatever you're doing. I'm sure most of you will be face-down in a chocolate coma before I finish my shifts!

How has your March been?


  1. Your insta is so pretty! I'm excited for Easter too, sucks you have to work though! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Beautiful pics! I love that heart-shaped bowl with the berries, I really want to get one of my own!


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