Saturday, 31 January 2015


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Yet again my Instagram has been full of interiors, food, blog photos, wanderlust etc this month, and I've now reached over 800 followers which is an amazing added bonus!

January always feels like a pretty slow month to me. I have to wait until the 22nd until my birthday which takes f o r e v e r, and then when it gets here it seems every other day goes super fast. Now we're moving into February - and hopefully out of the January blues (completely skint, sob sob) - I'm glad that the evenings are beginning to brighten up again. It's going to be so nice to leave work when it's still light out! 

At the beginning of the month this little corner of the internet turned the ripe old age of two. Two! I'm so happy to have kept up with it for this long, and I hope to continue in my usual colloquial style for many years to come. Every single one of you are so fabulous for chatting, sharing my passions, and commenting on my blog posts. I love to read your feedback and interact with you all - long may it continue!

If you're an avid reader then you know I've been trying to go sugar-free, and it was going really well until the last few days. Safe to say I've fallen off the wagon a little bit... I had a craving for Mini Eggs like you wouldn't believe, which then led to a nice sweet hot chocolate during a cold evening. Still, I'm trying really hard to cut down my sugar intake, but I don't know if I can omit it from my diet completely. I've realised that I have too much of a sweet tooth, and sometimes you just need something sweet, you know? Still, I have some lovely sugar-free, guilt-free recipes to post next month. I'm excited to show you, especially as this month's recipes have been wonderfully received, so thank-you for that.

Onto my birthday, which was a lovely one. I won't go into too much detail here as I wrote an entire blog post about it, but I had a great day with family and friends alike. I paused the diet and had a big fat Domino's and birthday cake, as well as a lot of wine, and received a beautiful Daniel Wellington watch from my parents. The style is the Lady Sheffield with a black leather strap and rose-gold features. Anyone else loving rose-gold at the moment? I think the watch is pretty timeless. I've worn it every day since - it's love!

How was your January? Have you kept your resolutions?


  1. You have such a beautiful Instagram and I can't believe you tried sugar free go you! I definitely can't do it I don't want to put up with my own moodiness let alone subject anyone else hahah xxx


    1. Thanks Jessica! I know, I think I'm a bit mad. I was a bit strict on myself at first, but now I've realised I can't quit sugar completely so it's a case of moderation! Xx

  2. I could never go sugar free! Everything in moderation.. even choclatey goodness :) I love the photos and can't wait for warmer weather and more sunlight too! I just did a checkin on my resolutions on my blog :)

    Kim .. HAUL?!

  3. Love your instagram! Such pretty photos! I am going to try and go sugar free this month - or a least cut down considerably! x

    1. Thank you Sarah! Good luck - I hope you do a better job than me, haha! Xx


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