Monday, 22 September 2014

Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Instagram is my latest obsession, that's no secret. I find it almost therapeutic scrolling through my feed, enthusiastically liking and commenting on some really beautiful accounts. Naturally, I found it really hard to narrow my choices down to just 10 - a nice round number - so I have 13 of my absolute favourite Instagram accounts to link you. It just so has it that 13 happens to be my lucky number! Most of these lovely ladies already have tons of followers and it's easy to see why, drawing people in with their gorgeous photography, fabulous style, and delicious food pics!

So, without further delay and in no particular order...

@styleslicker - Kit Lee is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in London. Her account is beautiful, with photoshoot previews, still life, restaurant tables packed with delicious food, beauty launches, buildings, and everything else you can think of. She photographs all the lovely things that come with living in a big city - something I can't imagine doing, being such a country girl. She seems pretty awesome, you should give her a follow!

@sincerelyjules - Jules is living a life many of us dream about but only few are actually living. A real jet setter and fashion lover, her Instagram provides us with a snippet of her daily life and, my gosh, it looks ideal. She was one of the first accounts I ever followed and I still find myself gawking at her photographs and hitting that "like" button almost immediately.

@parisinfourmonths - I feel like if you live in Paris, you cannot possibly take a horrible photography. This is definitely the case with Carin Olsson. Her Instagram is simply gorgeous. If you like girly photographs, Parisian architecture, cute macarons and other sweet treats then Paris in Four Months is one to keep on the Insta-radar. Carin, please swap lives with me!

@amberfillerup - I seriously think this lady is superwoman. She gave birth to the cutest little boy I've ever seen (Atticus John - even his name is adorable) and managed to shift the baby weight so quickly I was actually in serious awe. Add to this the fact that she takes pretty photographs and is a hair braid connoisseur, and you've got a recipe for a gorgeous Instagram!

@frassyaudrey - Audrey is one of my most recent follows. She describes herself as a "fashion hustler and all round loon living between Paris and Barcelona" - swoon. Pretty photographs galore, Frassy Audrey is a varied mixture of fashion, food, beauty, architecture, and unintentional fitspo. 

@deercircus - Bridget takes photographs of vintage delights, still life and simplicity at its finest. She loves her books and breton stripes - a combination which we have in common. I usually hate Instagram accounts with white borders around the photographs, but somehow I find myself making a welcome exception with hers. Every picture is just perfect.

@truelane - Chelsea's account is packed full of her life living in Minneapolis. Every photograph is a real treat for the eyes, and did I mention this lady has some fabulous style? I love her outfit posts and passion for pretty buildings.

@helen_hird - Such a talented artist, I follow Helen for her amazing fashion drawings. Everything about them is perfect: the shading of the drawing, the uniqueness of the model and, of course, the fashion itself.

@lapetitenoob - Joëlle is one of my favourites to turn to in terms of fashion blogging. She seems like such a lovely down-to-earth lady with a serious passion for style, and I really love that! I stumbled across her blog first, via The Wonder Forest, and now seeing her snaps on the app gives me such style inspiration.

@londonbakes - Where I get most of my baking inspiration from, Kathryn combines food with photography. Now I know most of us do this - as we all know Instagram is an infamous platform for such activities - but her food looks simply divine. Everything just seems to jump off the screen and into my brain as a reminder to create something delicious later (I wish they would jump into my mouth instead, but hey-ho!) Give her a follow if you want to feel insanely jealous of her baking talent!

@urbanxkoi - I love an Instagram with a colour scheme, as daft as that sounds. Anything monochrome or stark white has my vote entirely. Nana is a monochrome queen, combining still life and food with beautiful marble worktops, emulsion wood and clean white walls. My kind of photography, such talent!

@parkncube - Another woman who is living the dream, Shini shares daily happenings while splitting her time between London and various other places. Her account is a real mixture of goodies and really shows off her talent as a photographer. Love, love, love!

@bystephanie_ - Stephanie takes some stunning photographs of her surroundings, as well as fashion, food and little discoveries. I love her country lifestyle - it makes me so happy, being a country girl myself! I also have major respect for her monochrome wardrobe!

And if you're feeling kind, you can add mine to that list too (@thelastsouvenir)

Who are your favourite Instagram accounts?


  1. I only recently got instagram but I'm completely obsessed with it! Followed even more people now thanks to this post!

    Lauren | Calico Skies xx

  2. I'm so obsessed with instagram, I love yours! I'll have to check these all out :) x


  3. Thanks for the recommendations I love following gorgeous Instagrams xx

    Blonde of Carbs


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