Thursday, 31 July 2014

Instagram: July 2014

first free saturday in months was spent in bed with a good book • building my own little herb garden • homemade lemonade • kiehl's sunscreen • wish I could shop at the farmer's market every day • favourite childhood quote from winnie the pooh • gorgeous jo malone candle • tired tegan • lush lovin' • taking a break with vogue and my first krispy kreme • show orchid for national lipstick day • spray carnations and kilner jars • canon 700d aka my new baby • healthy breakfast • almond butter cookies • christening outfit

So here we are - midsummer - and July has been a pretty glorious month! Aside from the near-on nightly thunderstorms because it's been so warm, the weather during the day has been lovely, albeit quite humid. I'm on the coast so it's never as bad but, my god, I couldn't hack my impromptu trips into the city. So stifling - the air con in the car was much needed!

I was trying to be a bit more sustainable this month, so I decided I would cook more things from scratch. We visited the local nurseries and bought flowers to fill up the empty beds in the garden, and while I was there I also picked up some rosemary, thyme and sage in order to make a little herb garden. So excited for the results as that's a work in progress! I also went to my local (20-odd minutes away) farmer's market and was spoilt for choice. I absolutely love it there! All the fresh produce is set out beautifully and the colours are amazing. They even had their own little cheese counter (we indulged of course) and a butcher's counter too (so expensive). We ended up buying carrots, vine tomatoes, avocados, fresh bread rolls and a strong cheese called Black Bomber - which was so delicious! The main reason we visited was so we could pick-our-own strawberries to make strawberry jam. Five pounds of strawberries later we headed home and got to work, making ten jars of the stuff. I love making things from scratch, it gives you such a feeling of gratification. 

Another big update was blogging-related. I finally splashed out on a fancy new camera and a blog redesign! Expensive? Yes, but I thought I deserved a treat! I bought the Canon EOS 700D from Amazon and it arrived the next day all shiny and pretty. I'm really enjoying playing around with it at the moment, and have noticed a huge difference in picture quality. And now I can take HD videos I may venture into the world of YouTube... What do you think, would you watch my ramblings? And what do you reckon to the blog overhaul? I really like it, I think it looks so clean and professional - just how I wanted it! Pipdig were the masterminds behind it all. They provide such a great service, I would recommend them to the moon and back!

Oh and I bloody love that cream and black lace dress from Boohoo. I teamed it with some comfortable black heeled sandals from New Look and my Whistles clutch. Not so funny story about that event... I was working until 6am that Sunday morning and had to be up to get to the Christening by 12pm so basically I was completely exhausted and didn't know where I was. So much so that I was delirious, drunk and just a total state. I spilt half a vodka and coke (such a waste) all down my cream dress and my Mum had to drive home to get me a change of clothes while I cowered in the corner. Oh dear! 

I'm very much looking forward to August's antics, including a trip to Dorset to see my Aunt get remarried at Portland Castle!

How was your July?


  1. Such lovely food pictures in this post - weirdly I thought that those carrots looked amazing before I read the post haha. Fresh produce is always the best :)

    Your blog design looks lovely! I've heard good things about Pipdig recently :)
    emmerliejay x

  2. I haven't made pizza from scratch since I was a child. I would really like to try though :)

    ~ K

    1. Oh god, I love pizza so much! I love making it from scratch, it's so easy! Xx


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