Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Spare A Thought This Valentine's

Some people get really into Valentine's Day, not to mention the bombardment of media that rears its ugly head during this time of year. I mean, everywhere you look there's some kind of advertisement or romantic "deal" which is set to tempt us (and our wallets) into falling into their arms like a lovesick puppy. I'm not a traditional romantic. I don't think I've ever really celebrated a Valentine's Day - even when I have been in a relationship! But I have to say it's not something that I miss particularly. Why do you have to wait until the 14th February to tell someone that you love them, when there's a whole other 364 days of the year to do so?

However, this Valentine's Day I can say that I actually have a date. It's going to be something really casual, and somewhat ironic really. I don't know whether V-Day is the perfect time to have your first date with someone but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Even though I'm going out this February 14th, I still very much consider myself a single pringle! So I'm suggesting that us singletons don't get bogged down with self-pity - let's celebrate the day/night ourselves!

Buy yourself that lovely bouquet of flowers 
It doesn't have to be anything fancy or romantic - I really love buying pretty pink tulips from Tesco for a fiver! I do this most weeks and arrange them in a clear glass vase on my dressing table in my bedroom. There's nothing like having fresh flowers in the house, plus it makes me feel like spring has sprung. And god knows we're due some sunshine!

Treat yo'self! 
Have a pamper night. Pour yourself a glass of wine or five! Run yourself a relaxing bubble bath with your must-have Lush product, pop on a face mask, and stick on your favourite Netflix show. No one said you can't eat a box of heart-shaped chocolates while you're at it too!

Spend the night with the ones who matter to you
And by that I mean stick on your favourite Ryan Gosling movie and chow down on plenty of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. My picks would be Drive, or the ever-romantic The Notebook with double - maybe triple - helpings of Phish Food. Alternatively, round up your other single friends and hit the town!

So there we are: something a little bit different for you lovely readers. I didn't really fancy doing a gift guide for him/her, just because I've seen so many this past week; and I hadn't seen anything about the people who are flying solo this Valentine's. 

So yes, enjoy yourselves whatever you're doing this Friday. Do it your way and I'm sure you'll be having so much more fun than 80% of the couples out there!

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  1. This is such a lovely post!! :) I enjoyed reading this!! :) Love your blog!
    Ava xox

  2. i will definatly be treating myself this valentines day! a bubble bath is always needed, and of course the chocolates too xx

    1. Good for you! There's always an excuse for a pamper night! Xx

  3. Hey,
    Thanks for leaving me your link on Twitter - your blog is lovely and I am a BIG fan of this post !
    Although I was with someone this weekend - I spent the friday with my friends and it was so much fun, they are still the people I love and should be appreciated just as much :)

    Looking forward to reading more of you blog :) Thanks for introducing me !



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