Saturday, 4 January 2014

Staying Organised

I've never really been big on being organised, generally because I never feel like I'm that busy. I do love my stationery though! This year I feel that it's quite different. I have tons of things lined up for 2014 so naturally I figured a good Christmas present to ask for would be a diary/planner. I received a lovely black soft cover Moleskine organiser - something I have lusted after for the most part of six months - but obviously, being a diary, you have to start from January to December so buying one in June would've been a bit pointless!

I have to say that I absolutely love my Moleskine. It has so much in it which makes organisation really easy. On the left page is space for your daily outgoings and appointments, on the right page is a handy full ruled page for notes. In the back of the diary are sets of adhesive labels, so instead of writing "dentist appointment" you can just pop the tooth sticker on the desired day - an idea which I really like!

I also couldn't resist buying some notebooks from the ASOS sale. I saw these goodies from Sloane Stationery and knew that I had to have them! The "Big Ideas" book was a bit of wishful thinking - I wanted a nice big pad to write down dissertation research. There's something about putting pen to paper which I find therapeutic. I prefer it sometimes as a break from the fast-paced typing on a MacBook keyboard. Plus, the style is lovely: lizard-embossed cover with beautiful silver-lined pages! I just bought the "White Lies" pocket book purely for aesthetic purposes - shallow, I know. Again, it has an embossed cover but with gold-lined pages. I plan to use this as a book to write down ideas on the go; whether that be blogging ideas, reminders, or ideas for writing projects!

I guess what I'm saying is that I just really want to feel like I'm on top of my life this year, as odd as that sounds. I'm finding it so much more comforting to know I have a place to write down my thoughts, and prevent myself from forgetting my future plans - which I have done in my diary-free past! Sure, the idea of spontaneity calls to me at times, but I'd much rather have my affairs in order for the time being. 

2014 is going to be a super-busy year!


  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful notebooks. I LOVE your blog x

  2. love these! and you have a stunning blog, love it! xo

  3. Those notebooks are beautiful! I love cute stationary :) xxx

  4. ASOS stock everything these days! The colours go really well together, really like the mint :)

    Hanh x

    H A N H A B E L L E

    1. They really do! I love a bit of stationery! Xx


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