Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Deck The Hauls: Lush

Hello all! Can I just say that I'm strangely proud of my awfully punned blog title! I'm thinking that any hauls this month should begin with that title, but anyway... 

Recently I had a really lovely shopping experience in my local Lush outlet. The girls in there are always so chatty, welcoming, and willing to help you out at any opportunity (and two thirds of them are American so I just love them for that alone) - just overall super lovely. I know it's their job and everything but, being in retail myself, I really appreciate friendly customer service.

So, as you can see from the bag shot, I bought A LOT of goodies this time. I just couldn't stop buying! I must've been in the little shop for a good 45 minutes, just chatting and relaying information about products that I loved. I think the girls were quite impressed, actually! After much trialling and sniffing (because you have to have a good old sniff!) I cut my wish list down by about half and walked out the shop a very happy customer.

Here's a run-down of what I purchased:

If you know me, you know I absolutely love the limited edition Snow Fairy shower gel. Well this sparkle bar gives you a subtle hint of the infamous fragrance, while leaving skin with a glittery shine. Enriched with organic shea, murumuru, and cupuacu butters, the massage bar is really soft and just melts in warm hands. Smooth over arms and shoulders for enough of a sparkle to catch the light and to leave feeling extra moisturised.

This is one of my absolute favourite Lush products! A lovely star wand with a cute little bell will have you feeling like a festive fairy godmother. Again, it smells of Snow Fairy but the genius of this thing is that it's reusable. Swish the wand in your hot bath to create sweet-smelling bubbles, and bask in the glory of candy floss and pear drops. It lasted me about five goes in the bath, which I don't think is bad-going at all for £4.95.

I was recommended this by one of the sales assistants after she talked about how much she uses it to get more volume in her hair. It's the ultimate sea salt shampoo. It's quite coarse in texture, but you really don't need much to make a load of lather. At first I was apprehensive about putting so much salt in my hair, thinking it would be so difficult to comb through afterwards, but I worry no more! The shampoo itself is quite rich, jam-packed with healthy hair ingredients. These include sea salt for volume; seaweed and coconut for softness; fresh lemons and limes to give shine; as well as neroli, mandarin, orange flower, and vanilla for an uplifting fragrance.

After popping a pot of Big Shampoo into my wicker basket, the girl also recommended this Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease and gave me a small sample to take away. This is a really good pre-wash treatment for someone like me who using a lot of heat products on hair. Basically it's for when you don't want to look like a poodle! The product contains more oils than you can shake a stick at, which all improve the strength of your hair and help it survive combing. Jojoba oil conditions the scalp, and red henna infusion give hair a healthy shine. I really liked using this, but for my long hair I think I'd need much more than a sample pot. I would definitely consider buying the proper version for £12.25.

This was the other sample I was given in the shop. The girls knew how much I loved the infamous fragrance so they suggested trying out The Godmother because it's available all year round, unlike Snow Fairy shower gel. It's much kinder on the skin than liquid soap, so I've switched and popped this on my bathroom sink to use every day instead. 

This stuff smells exactly like blackcurrant jelly babies and I'm in love with it! It's kind of an amalgamation of shower gel and soap, and is described as a party in a pot. Containing cherries, coconut, and carrageen seaweed; simply glide the wobbly bit over your wobbly bits. It smells exactly like The Comforter bubble bar, so if you love that then you'll love Sweetie Pie too. My skin always feels so soft and supple after using under a hot shower, and I always place it back in the pot to store it for the next time.

Charity Pot
This 10g pot contains hand and body lotion rich in almond, ylang ylang, geranium, tagetes oils and the ever-soothing organic cocoa butter. 100% of proceeds (minus VAT) go to good causes, and they're £1 each. I had such a great experience that day that I figured another quid wouldn't hurt!

And finally, I couldn't come away from Lush without a festive bath bomb! On this occasion I chose Golden Wonder, which is a huge golden present with a colourful treat inside. I was so surprised when I dropped this in my bath and it got going. Golden lustre, bright blue centre, and soluble gold stars - just brilliant! It's like a fizzing champagne cocktail and smells so good. Lush is certainly making bath time fun again!

All of these products are available from Lush stores and online.


  1. Lush Christmas collection is so beautiful. I absolutely adore the Magic Wand ♥

  2. Love your photography :) I want all of these! xo

  3. I looove Lush! ALSO Snow Fairy smells delicious! I ordered a bunch of stuff online and I can't wait til it gets here!


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