Tuesday, 26 November 2013

MAC Pro Palette Project - Month Five

Afternoon all, hope your week is going well! Today is the fifth instalment of my MAC Pro Palette Project and I'm beginning to really love how my 15 palette is looking - just five more refill pans to go before it's full! In fact, I have so many eyeshadows that I would love to own that I may have to buy another palette to fill over 2014. I've popped it on my Christmas list so hopefully I'll get a nice little treat under my tree on Christmas morning! But as it stands, I introduce to you two welcome additions to the palette: Sketch and Naked Lunch.

Sketch is described by MAC as "burgundy with red shimmer" and has a veluxe finish. I would say it's a lovely Wintery plum shade, perfect for blending through the crease to create a more defined and dramatic smoky eye. I've been really big into the dark plum smoky eye this season, as opposed to the usual black or brown most of us are used to. I think it's a welcome change! I've also been known to use this in substitute to black liner. The colour pay-off is brilliant as you would expect from a MAC eyeshadow and it also blends wonderfully with a 217 brush.

Naked Lunch is described by MAC as "minimal pink with shimmer" and has a frost finish. Similar to Nylon but pinker, I like to use this as an alternative to highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eye, especially if I'm using a plum eyeshadow like Sketch or Cranberry. It also works lovely as a base, because it's such a subtle neutral colour with just a hint of shimmer. That being said, I think the shade is fabulous on its own for a very "barely-there", natural look. All in all another versatile eyeshadow to add to my collection!

What do you think of my recent additions?


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    1. It's fast becoming one of my favourite shades! In fact, I accidentally bought two and only found out when my package was delivered. Not a bad thing though. If I don't use it, it'll probably go in a future giveaway! Xx

  2. Love the shades, they are just perfect for winter

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird | www.fragile-bird.blogspot.co.uk



  3. both on my wishlist! i'm building up a palette too so these posts excite me haha! love your blog xo


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