Monday, 28 October 2013

Little Lush Haul

I don't think it's any secret that I'm a big Lush fan, but I seem to have neglected the shop until recently which is kind of awful. Now that it's becoming increasingly chillier outside and the longer nights are drawing in, I enjoy nothing more than retreating upstairs to soak in a lovely scented bubble bath and bask in glory knowing that Christmas is on its way. And yes, we can all say that C-word now (no, not that one, naughty) as it's unbelievably less than 9 weeks away! Anyway I decided to treat myself to a few Lush goodies last week after needing a bit of a cheer up. And what do us girls do when we're sad? We spend money, of course! Here are my current picks...

First up is Lush's coveted Winter favourite, Snow Fairy. This shower gel is amazing! I'd even go as far as to describe it as heaven in a bottle - oh yes, I'm that in love with it! The scent of it transports me right back to my childhood; a yummy mix of candy floss and pear drops that leaves you feeling utterly delicious yourself after a good lathering in the shower. But alas, Snow Fairy is never around for long! A Lush Christmas exclusive, I have no doubt I'll be stocking up on this over the next few months, maybe even resorting to the largest 500g bottle! Last year I went through a couple of these bad boys and felt a longing for it to be sold all year round, but I think having it as a limited product makes it much more special. I use it as a benchmark to really get into the Christmas spirit! Candy bubble bath, anyone?

I haven't bought a Lush face mask in ages. After getting an allergic reaction to a certain one in my teenage years (I can't remember the name it was that long ago!) I was put off from touching another one. That is until now... Is it totally shallow of me to say I picked up Love Lettuce because of the seaweed green colour? I suppose that shows what kind of person I am! Whenever I see a TV show or film where the girls are pampering each other at a sleepover with face masks they always seem to be green! Colour aside, this face mask has really impressed me. The scent is nothing to write home about but its effects on my skin have left me reaching for more. Its main ingredients are almond shells to polish and exfoliate, almond oil to soften, 100% pure French lavender oil to soothe, Kaolin to absorb grease, and the tightening action of Fullers Earth. It has a wonderful ability to clear away any dead skin and brighten the face while using soft and gentle ingredients. As with any freshly made face mask it's best to store the pot in the fridge before and after use to get the optimum quality out of the product. I have no doubt my fridge will soon be full of face masks after being proved wrong with this one!

Next up is the Sugar Plum Fairy Sugar Scrub. Can you see I'm loving the fairy theme at the moment? Delicately sweet-scented, this scrub is designed to help banish cellulite and leave skin smooth and fragrant. One of its main ingredients is plum kernel oil which not only adds to the scent, but has several skin benefits including to nourish, moisturise and improve skin's elasticity. It's such a cute little design too! I love the pink fairy embossed on top of the scrub and I think the colours are what you would expect from a sugar plum fairy.

The Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb may well be a mouthful to say, and it may also be designed to send your tot to the land of nod, but what girl can resist this amount of cuteness? For £1.95, you get a smaller bomb than usual but the design alone is worth it. The scent is very subtle - I'm guessing that's due to it being baby-friendly - but I honestly didn't mind that at all. It fizzes and disappears quite quickly, and turns the bath water only a slight blue tinge. However, I will say that it left me feeling calm, relaxed, and ready for a good night's sleep; probably all thanks to that lavender oil. A cute novelty for kids at bath time!

Finally, I couldn't go to Lush without buying a full-sized bath bomb. The So White Ballistic is one of my new favourites for Christmas. At first glance it seems so simple - a white powdery bath bomb that smells of crisp apples - but once that outside layer dissolves it reveals a secret pink centre which transforms the bath water into a soft rosy stew. There's not much more to say about this one. I just adore it and will definitely be repurchasing!

And that brings my little Lush haul to a close. What are your current favourite Lush products? 


  1. I kind of forgot about lush too until I went into a store last week and wanted to buy everything! Winter baths are the best with bath bombs- the last one looks amazing! Georgia x

    1. I know! I always seem to gravitate towards Lush more in the winter months. I have a huge wish list for Christmas and it's ever-growing! X

  2. The Love Lettuce face mask sounds really good! I haven't tried it yet but it's definitely on my wishlist

    1. I definitely recommend it as a good face mask that exfoliates your skin too. Such a bonus! X


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