Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Super Samples: Clarins

Hey everyone! It's been a really hectic month for me; I haven't had much time for blogging. Well that, and I seemed to have hit a little snag in the old brain about what to do. It's quality not quantity, right? So, today I have a series of free samples sent to me with my main Clarins order (post for those products coming soon!) I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I love companies like Clarins and Origins, where they reward your business with little pick-me-ups, and the best part is you get to choose them yourself from a vast array of products. But I mean, seriously, who doesn't love a free sample?

Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover - I bought the big version of the Instant Eye Make-Up Remover with this order, so haven't had the chance to have a good go with the 10ml Gentle sample. However, I have allowed myself a few tries and I have to say that it smells lovely (think subtle rose). Its ingredients contain organic camomile extract to soothe and relax; organic cornflower water to calm and soften; organic rose water to soothe, refresh and hydrate; and other gentle surfactants to remove residues and impurities. This one is especially good for sensitive eyes because of its gentle formula, however, I do prefer my Instant Eye Make-Up Remover or my Bioderma Micellar Solution to properly get off the more stubborn mascara. 
Final Verdict: 3/5

Pure Melt Cleansing Gel - A 3-in-1 cleansing wash for all skin types, the gel texture of this product is lightweight and oily when massaged into dry skin. The main ingredient is Marula Oil, which is meant to comfort, rebalance and revive radiance. It smells clean - what you want from a cleanser, really - and is designed to melt away every last trace of excess oil and impurities, including the heaviest and most stubborn makeup. Water activates the gel into a sort of silky oil that rinses skin clean. I think I would consider purchasing the bigger version of this, but for £19.50, it'll be one for the wish list! 
Final Verdict: 4/5

Beauty Flash Balm - Oh my goodness, I really love this one! First of all, it smells amazing - so fresh and clean. It's the ultimate pick-me-up for tired and stressed skin (perfect for someone like me!) The award-winning balm instantly moisturises, brightens and tightens facial contours so skin appears rested and relaxed. Olive and Witch Hazel extracts help to smooth the skin's surface, diffusing the look of lines and wrinkles. Okay, so I can't vouch for the final part of that description but having read the reviews older customers seem to rave about its formula. It also acts as a great primer, and contains algae extract to revitalise; bisabolol to soothe and soften; and rice starch to purify the epidermis. It's safe to say that I will definitely be picking up the big version of this the next time I toddle off to the Clarins counter in my local Boots! 
Final Verdict: 5/5

BB Skin Perfecting Cream - I'm kind of on the fence with this BB Cream. I received this sample in Medium and it's a little too dark for my fair skin; also, I don't really care for the smell so much. However, having said that, the coverage is pretty great for a BB Cream. Clarins claims that this product will even out your skin tone as well as revitalising and protecting the skin itself. It contains 3D radiance pigments, organic kiwi extract for vitality and a combination of katafray and the beauty blogger's favourite ingredient: hyaluronic acid, which helps to restore the skin's water reserves for additional softness and comfort. I'm still not sure about this one, but it seems to work great for a lot of people. Maybe I'll give it a go in the Light shade.
Final Verdict: 3/5

Cleansing Milk For Normal/Dry Skin - This soothing cleansing milk is designed to lift away make-up and impurities with spa-like efficiency. Its ingredients include alpine herbs to soften; St John's Wort and sweet almond to moisturise; hydrophilic oils to cleanse; Melissa, Juniper, Arnica to tone; Bio-Ecolia to preserve the skin's balance; and vitamins A and E to improve the skin's quality. I've only used this once as a tester (and the fact that it's a tiny sample) and I found it to be gentle on my skin but very thorough. Again, the product smells nice too! Once I re-establish a new skincare routine - and get through all the cleansers I already own - I think this one is next on my list.
Final Verdict: 4/5

Water Purify One-Step Cleanser - Finally I received another cleanser, and this one I can't say much about, simply because I have yet to try it! Still, there's no harm in giving you some information about it (no harm in my research either!) So, this cleanser seems to have some very good reviews up on the website. It's billed as a one-step product, suitable for oily/combination skin - one I may have some problems with, having normal/dry skin. In one simple step, this lotion formula is supposed to create the sensation of water-fresh cleansing without said water. Moringa seed extract gently rinses away impurities and light make-up with a fresh, non-foaming action; mint essential water purifies and tones, leaving oily or combination skin looking radiant and feeling revived. Sorry guys, you'll have to try this one for yourselves!
Final Verdict: N/A

What do you think of my sample choices? Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know!


  1. Great reviews .. thanks for sharing.. Your right, they are good sized samples !

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