Wednesday, 18 September 2013

MAC Pro Palette Project - Month Three

Hey guys! I hope you're having a good week - how is it only Wednesday? I kind of dread the rest of the week because of work. Plus I pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V months ago and it arrived on the release date (yesterday) and I don't think I've stopped playing it since. I mean, with the exception of an hour at uni today... I can just tell that work will go crazy-slow tomorrow and Saturday just because I want to play it all day! Anyway, I've taken a break from bank heists, beating up civilians for money and evading the cops to bring you the third instalment of my MAC Pro Palette Project - talk about double lives!

 Woodwinked was not originally on the list of 15 eyeshadows I was going to buy for this palette (yes, I have a list) but it was so gorgeous swatched that I just couldn't resist buying it and adding it to my project. My swatch above does not do this baby justice, honestly. It's such a lovely shade, described as "warm antique gold" on the website, and yet again presents us with various application opportunities. I know I say this with practically every MAC eyeshadow but I think this is definitely my favourite in the palette so far. It's incredibly me and has been planted safely in the neutrals category with its warm bronze shade complete with a golden undertone that can work either day or night. It's also a Veluxe Pearl finish, so that golden undertone I mentioned comes in the form of a very workable shimmer. What's great about Woodwinked is that the colour alters slightly once blended so it appears darkened in the crease without having to apply another shade. It also works with other neutrals.

Satin Taupe, however, was on my original list. It's described by MAC as "taupe with a silver shimmer" and I would absolutely agree with that (my swatch is pretty bang on with this one). You wouldn't think that the gold undertones of Woodwinked and the silver shimmer of Satin Taupe would work together, but I've found myself experimentally using Satin Taupe in my crease for more definition and the shimmer is so subtle that it doesn't affect the overall look. It's also a beautiful alternative to a black smokey eye as this one can be used all over the lid and under the eye for more of a grey-brown smoulder. I think there's a good reason as to why this shade is so popular - it has enough depth to be paired with a wide range of colours, from plums to greys to browns. Such versatility has earned it a permanent spot in my pro palette.

I know, I know, I can't get enough of neutral eyeshadows - I think they may be my beauty obsession!

Any thoughts on my newest additions?


  1. I have both of these colours on my list ! I am really curious about Woodwinked because I am an absolute clutz when it comes to crease-definition-type-things (I suck at it), so it would be very useful for me. Great choices !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

    1. I'm so glad I went against my original list and plumped for Woodwinked. You should try it; I'm sure you would love it as much as I do! Thanks! X


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