Monday, 26 August 2013

YSL Babydoll Mascara

Ahh, YSL... I think I really do have a bit of a love/hate relationship going on here. I mean, some of their products really work for me and there are others that don't do me any favours whatsoever. But, like a jilted ex, I tend to keep pining after certain products and popping them on my wish list in the hope that one day we'll work it all out. YSL Babydoll mascara was one of those guilty of the crime, and now I can say that I'm firmly in love again!

Unless you've been living under a rock this summer (and why would you, it's been quite lovely here!) then you'll probably know all about this much sought-after beauty product. I was originally introduced during to this mascara after watching a makeup tutorial by Pixiwoo on YouTube, and thought "yeah right, can't be that fantastic" as I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to hyped-up products. As usual, the results on the ladies just looked amazing so I decided to give in and have a go with it myself!

Babydoll is packaged in a very sleek gold tube - a YSL mascara staple - with a girly pink scrawl on the side. I can never fault higher-end brands and their super ability to make the packaging just as gorgeous as the product itself; it makes the price much more justifiable. The rubber brush is thick yet completely manageable and boasts two type of bristles: thick and spaced on one side to coat the lashes and create volume, and fine closed bristles on the other side to reach every lash you possess - even the smallest ones at the corner of your eye, very handy! The formula is thick yet doesn't clump the lashes so much that it's noticeable, and dare I say it actually smells quite nice? It lasts incredibly well all day, despite it not being waterproof, and doesn't flake or leave me with smudges under my eyes.

I've also now done away with the old false eyelashes in order to make the "wide awake" appearance much longer lasting. I honestly feel like I don't need to use falsies anymore, especially for everyday use; the odd special occasion is just fine with me! I'm really digging the more natural lash now that I've discovered this magic mascara wand of wonder!

Babydoll retails at £24.50 (save up your pennies, ladies) and is available in black, brown, navy and violet. I suggest taking a trip to your local YSL counter if you feel the urge to splurge! And if you have tried this mascara before, how did you find it?


  1. Looks great ! I have heard many good things about this mascara !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World


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