Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vichy Idéalia BB Cream

Hi guys! I feel a bit like I've been failing as a blogger this month, due to both inspiration deficit, being super busy at work and rounding off my driving lessons (my test is in two weeks and counting, eek!) Plus, I've been on a budget for the past few weeks so haven't had the funds to buy nice things I want to buy but I finally get paid on Friday! With that said, to those of you who do take the time to read my blog, I'd just like to thank you for sticking with me because it really does mean a lot! 

Right, onto today's post...

On good skin days I absolutely love to use BB/CC creams. I don't tend to suffer from terrible breakouts anymore, just the odd persistent spot, so I can afford to try much lighter coverage creams and foundations these days. I held off buying the Vichy Idéalia BB Cream for a little while as I like to see what my favourite beauty bloggers think first before I concluded as to whether or not it may be the right product for me. Figuring it was worth the plunge, I decided to try it for myself.

"The first Idéalia BB cream that reveals more beautiful skin in one step thanks to its formula enriched with a unique complex (kombucha + UV filter system) and light reflecting pigments to instantly help illuminate a dull and grey complexion."

Now, I'm actually a big fan of the Vichy Idéalia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream so I was pleasantly surprised (okay, super happy) to find that they share the same gorgeous scent. It's really fresh with a subtle floral hint, and as I write this I can't stop smelling my hand where I've swatched the product. Vichy boasts one formula which provides skin with six actions. These are to illuminate instantly, hydrate, visibly smooth wrinkles, refine the skin's texture, reduce dark spots, and they also make a point of containing UVA and UVB protection. Where I may not be able to comment on one of the six (no wrinkles here, thanks young skin) I have to say I am impressed with the other "actions". As soon as I applied the product to my face I saw an instant change in the brightness of my skin - you may even be able to see the shimmer in the "blended" photograph above which, for me, is a huge plus. I do love a bit of illumination without having to apply extra highlighter!

A particularly versatile product, I like to use the Vichy BB Cream either by itself, as a base for heavier coverage makeup, or even mix it with my foundation - I'm currently loving Illamasqua's Skin Base - to create a half-and-half formula. The latter is my preferred method when I need more coverage but still want a dewy look - it provides me with an even base whilst still giving my skin that much-needed hydration. It blends great too. If I'm going for a lighter coverage I tend to use my fingers, and if I mix it with foundation I apply it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or my Buffing Brush.

The product claims to be for all skin types, but I've heard a few complaints from people with oily skin who say that it makes them look too shiny after application. In that case, I think either combine and set with a powder (but that kind of defeats the object of the dewy look) or avoid purchasing completely. I think it tends to cling and hydrate on my dry skin comparatively. It's currently available in two shades: light and medium. I purchased it in light and it seems to adapt pretty well to my skin tone once blended properly.

In the future I would love to try out the Dior BB Creme as well. It appears to be quite comparable with Vichy's so it would be interesting to see if it's truly worth that £30 price tag. But for now this is my go-to light coverage BB cream and I'm pretty chuffed with the results.

What's your opinion on BB Creams? Have you ever tried Vichy or Dior before? I would love to know some opinions!

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