Monday, 29 July 2013

MAC Pro Palette Project

Hi guys! I got this idea from Leigh who posted ages ago about her new MAC 15 pro palette and how it was super expensive to buy all the eyeshadow refills at one time. I know that feeling all too well, having completed a quad at the beginning of the year (post here) and spending over £50 to do so. Quite mental when you really think about it, huh? However, now that I receive a nice pay check every month I've decided to create a little project for myself in the form of the Pro Palette Project! The only rule is that I must limit myself to buying one or two eyeshadows (at £10 a pop I think this is pretty reasonable) each month until the palette is full. I'm so excited to get on with it! Does that make me sad? Payday luckily rolled around quickly so I popped on over to the MAC website (heaven forbid I actually get a counter near me in my lifetime) and bought a large single pro palette case along with an insert that accommodates for 15 eyeshadows. I have a list as long as my arm when it comes to which eyeshadows I would love to add to my collection but my first two eyeshadows I decided on were Sumptuous Olive and Cranberry.

I chose these two as my first additions to the 15 palette because they're so different from the neutrals I usually go with!

Sumptuous Olive looks a light olive-green in the pan, but when swatched and blended transforms into a beautiful greenish gold colour. It's a veluxe pearl formula so you know it's going to be soft and velvety in texture with a lovely shimmer. I've been really into green recently, and like to wear this shade with Topshop's khaki kohl eyeliner which is super soft and blendable - they honestly work like a dream together! If you like easy-to-wear, no fuss greens then this is definitely the shade for you!

Cranberry isn't one to fool - it applies the same as it looks in the pan with fabulous colour pay off! It's a very pretty rich red plum colour with pink undertones and a frosty finish. I think it's difficult to find a reddish eyeshadow that doesn't make you look sickly or tired but this shade will make the likes of blue eyes pop, as well as add a gorgeous ruby shimmer to people with darker eyes like myself. Another versatile shade to add to my ever-growing collection!

Overall I'm really pleased with my purchases and can't wait until my next payday to continue my little project! 

What do you think of the Pro Palette Project?


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