Thursday, 4 July 2013

Getting Fit with Nike

Hey guys! So as you already know I've been continuing to update my workout routine as the months go on. This time last year I was complete lazy bum and the sofa was my safe haven, but here we are in July 2013 and I'm now incorporating the most simple exercise into my routine: running.

The prospect of running has always frightened me a little, just because I'm totally self conscious and used to think that running was inappropriate unless done professionally or as a child. However, at the ripe old age of 21 and 3 stone lighter over the course of 8 months I'm challenging myself to give it a proper go and stick to it. I've decided to try and go for a run three times a week and then casually build up my stamina and fitness to go for longer eventually. I feel like my exercise has stepped up a notch by adding running into my routine, and hopefully when the weather gets better I'll be way more motivated to get outside. Until then, I've been looking for my perfect running shoe as I'm in desperate need of the proper gear. Off I popped to Nike's website and, to my utter delight, found out that certain footwear can be customised for that personal touch! I spent ages browsing to find the running shoes that would be right for me and I've got the style pretty much sussed, but fear I need a little help in picking the right colours!

Black and Volt

Atomic Purple and Volt

Black and Total Crimson

My heart is set on the Nike Free 3.0 iD running shoe, and at £105 they are most definitely an investment buy for me. I figured that if I am committed to buying an expensive pair of running shoes then I can be committed to using them properly! My workout gear is pretty much black and grey so I figured any of these styles would suit without looking ridiculous. It's just the question of whether I should go safe with a black running shoe, or step out and get noticed in bright purple ones instead!

What do you guys think? I'd love to get some opinions before I make the big commitment!

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