Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Another Boots Haul: Hair and Skincare Edition

A very pink and girly haul, I think you'll agree! At the beginning of the week I went into town with the intention of buying those amazing (and now pretty infamous) baseball shirts from H&M but of course I couldn't find them anywhere in that mess of a store. So instead I wandered down the street and popped into Boots for a look around, coming away with everything but the kitchen sink.

First up was skincare, and you have to be a real mentalist to go into Boots and not come away with some kind of Soap & Glory product! I took advantage of their 3-for-2 beauty offer and repurchased their Clean on Me™ shower gel, which I have used religiously for a good few years. It smells absolutely gorgeous and lasts surprisingly long for such a thick, luxurious formula with a pump applicator. It also has the bonus of having a built-in body lotion! To accompany this, I wanted to stick with the same scent and went for the Righteous Butter™. I use this creamy body butter after showering and I think that the formula is lovely; sinks into the skin well and leaves you feeling smooth and smelling amazing, thanks to that infamous 'original pink' fragrance (enriched with orange leaf, lemon, strawberries, peach, rose, jasmine, and gardenia blooms). To complete the trio, I splashed out a little and bought Sit Tight™ body firming serum. I'm really looking forward to trying this one out. It looks so unique too, with roller balls that help stimulate circulation in the skin and reduce those problematic areas we all have. They claim it's especially good for people who have an office job, because it can firm while you're sat on your bottom - hence the namesake!

Onto haircare now, and I couldn't resist buying another trio that I've heard brilliant things about! My hair is pretty flat and dry, and isn't helped by my bleaching routine every few months (honestly trying to avoid doing it so often but there's only so much regrowth you can take!) so I bought all of these hair products to try and give my hair a bit of volume and that sought-after "oomph". That's where the VO5 range comes in! I bought the Heat Defence Volume weightless mousse, Dry Texturising spray and the Dry Backcomb spray. I've used all three products a couple of times already and have been pleasantly surprised and glad that they live up to the hype so far.

The last product I was dead set on getting was the Charles Worthington Amplifying Volume Treatment. Part of the salon at home range, this volumizing treatment can be used whenever you feel your hair needs a boost. I used this on my hair tonight and after the first use I can honestly say that I really love it. The consistency is jelly-like and easily massaged into the hair roots, moving down to the ends. Applied in place of my usual conditioner, my hair ended up feeling light, bouncy and healthy once rinsed and blow-dried. It also left my hair smelling absolutely gorgeous! At £14.99, I think you're getting a pretty good deal. I mean, it's a salon product that gives you results and the tube is huge so it's going to last. To complete my haul I decided to buy another beauty blogger favourite - the Tangle Teezer. I'm really looking forward to giving this a good go as I've used the same hairbrush for the longest time. I suffer from damaged hair so I'm very prone to breakages and split ends; the Tangle Teezer is supposed to improve the condition of your hair by way of the unique teeth configuration. It claims to deliver rapid pain-free detangling as well as polishing hair for high shine. I bought it in the ever-girly dynamic hot pink but other colours are available too!

And that's it! What do you think of my purchases? Any favourite products in the haul that have really impressed you personally?

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