Monday, 24 June 2013

Origins Drink Up™ Masks

Hi guys, as I mentioned at the beginning of June I have bought into the hype that surrounds Origins skincare products. Today I present you with two masks which have really helped to improved my skin's condition over the past month or so.

For someone like me who has dry, dehydrated and somewhat temperamentally sensitive skin I figured that testing out skin products that aim to put back moisture could only bring good things. At first I didn't really see the need to buy both the 10 Minute Mask and Intensive Overnight Mask, just because I was under the impression that they served the same purpose. However, after using them both for just over a month I can safely say that they take pride of place on my bathroom shelf and are now essentials in my skincare routine!

The Drink Up™ range is recommended for dry skin as these masks are both used to quench the skin's thirst. The first thing that really hits you with these products is the smell. I've read mixed reviews about what the products smell like but I personally love the scent - it's a very fruity apricot that isn't too strong but just enough to leave your skin smelling gorgeous. I also found that it left my pillow smelling good once I had rubbed in the Intensive Overnight Mask and woken up the next morning! The consistency is a lovely thick creamy texture (the middle man between a balm and gel, I think) which feels instantly hydrating to the skin once applied. I find that the 10 Minute Mask leaves my face feeling soft, smooth and moisturised having applied to cleansed skin, while the Intensive Overnight Mask adds to the plumpness and pliability of my skin come morning. I tend to use the 10 Minute Mask twice a week, and then the Intensive Overnight Mask once or twice a week depending on how my skin is feeling.

To be fair, there are cheaper alternatives out there but I have found that Origins have got luxury in a tube with these face masks. They smell gorgeous, apply wonderfully, and leave the skin feeling hydrated after a long day. I for one will definitely be repurchasing both products, but I know that won't be for a long while as you don't need tons to make a big difference!

Have you used any of the Drink Up™ range? I would love to hear your experiences!


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  1. I asked my feirnd to by me Intensive Overnight Mask (cuz it's nnot available in my country :() but she bouth 10 minute mask. We'll see how it goes. :D


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