Monday, 17 June 2013

Father's Day

Hi guys! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and of course spent some quality time with your dad if you celebrated Father's Day. Yesterday we drove an hour up the A24 to my brother's new house in Horsham so that the pair of us could treat my parents to lunch. I really love the picturesque look of both Horsham and neighbouring Storrington; to me, they look like those little model villages you see in Legoland which I found so appealing. My brother ended up booking a table at a local pub down the road from where he and his girlfriend live, known as The Dog and Bacon.

The pub itself was very small and quaint. Painted a soft green with loads of huge wooden tables outside with logs to perch on, the place provided plenty of room to accommodate dogs if you were coming for a cold beer on a hot day. We were tempted to take our Tegan, but the weather wasn't ideal so everyone decided it was best to leave the dogs at home and eat inside. After grabbing the first of our drinks at the bar we were swiftly seated in a very comfortable environment with plush seating, televisions mounted to the walls above the classic furnishings, and friendly locals to chat to if we so wished. We were also sat right by the kitchen which was actually quite a good thing when it came to ordering the food. The menu had some delicious looking main meals including macaroni and cheese with stilton and mushrooms; ham, egg and chips; and beer-battered scampi and chips with homemade tartare sauce. Classic pub grub. They also gave you a huge choice of side dishes (including onion rings and chilli cheese fries) and a choice of potatoes with every main. I opted for the bacon and brie hamburger with curly fries - yes, I'm no longer a curly fries virgin! As you can see from the photo, the portion size was huge and certainly left me full up with no room for dessert. There was initially a little bit of confusion in the kitchen which caused some of our dishes to be served to us before others (which is a obviously a bit of pain) but we were quite a large table so there was probably room for confusion. They ended up reducing our bill as an apology, but the mistake didn't take away from the delicious food. I think it was almost £70 for 10 of us, so that's pretty good! I wish I had taken away a chocolate brownie from their dessert menu or another order of curly fries for the ride home!

After lunch we went back to my brother's to give my dad his Father's Day gifts. My dad is unnecessarily difficult to buy for - always is, and always has been. He can be a right grumpy guts sometimes and hates spending money and having it spent on him. I kind of threw him off the scent a bit by giving him his card and a bag of Haribo Tangfastics before we left for the day. Little did he know that I had gone to House of Fraser a couple of days prior to buy him his proper present. I ended up needing a second opinion from my mum as to what to get him so she came along too, but she was also there to steer me away from all the makeup counters (particularly Clarins, Chanel and Estée Lauder!) Honestly, if there was a MAC counter in there too I just wouldn't leave... Anyway, the nice advisor in the fragrance department gave us several sample sprays after we told her the kind of scent we were looking for, and my mum decided she liked Diesel Only The Brave the best. I purchased the 200ml bottle (for the same price as the 125ml, oddly), which is absolutely massive and I'm sure will last my dad forever, and I also got a free holdall thrown in as well. We perused the makeup counters whilst the advisor gift-wrapped them, and if I hadn't just spent so much on my student budget I would've been tempted to buy Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess at £40!

So that was basically how my family spent Father's Day this year. Hope you had a good one, what did you do?


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