Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ciaté Caviar Mini Set

This past Wednesday I had to travel to dreary Portsmouth in order to take my driving theory test. It may be a nice city in some parts but to me I absolutely hate the place; it holds terrible memories of living there for university (I dropped out after one semester in 2010) and nearly being hit by a car, so when I found out it was the closest place to take my theory I was pretty upset! The weather clearly mirrored my feelings too, as it was the most vile weather we've had in a long time. Anyway, after I passed my test I decided to take a look around Asda while I waited for my dad to pick me up. I went straight to the magazines and couldn't resist buying July's Marie Claire simply for the amazing freebie you get with it.

After reading great things about the Ciaté range, I didn't hesitate in taking the magazine along to the checkout so I could rush home and try this mini set out. The duo consists of a lovely pale coffee shade with a hint of grey called Cookies and Cream, and a bottle of gold, silver, and iridescent rainbow mini pearls called Shooting Star Caviar Pearls. I absolutely love Cookies and Cream; it's the perfect alternative to a peachy nude and would suit all skin tones for a natural manicure. The formula is good, although quite sheer. I found myself having to apply three coats to get the opaque stage you see in the photograph. When it came to applying the pearls, I had a piece of folded paper on my lap so I could catch any stray pearls that didn't stick to the polish when sprinkled on top of the nail. That way it was easy to get the remaining loose pearls back into the bottle! To ensure they really stick it's best to press firmly while the nail polish is still wet. I decided to only apply the pearls to my ring finger to create accent nails - it looks a lot smarter in my opinion, and great for a special occasion! 

The mini set is worth £10, and I bought Marie Claire for the usual £3.80. Bargain!

What do you think of Ciaté nail polish? Which shades do you recommend?

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