Thursday, 2 May 2013

Millie Mackintosh False Eyelashes

"It's no secret that I'm a complete beauty addict, and so designing my own range of lashes was a dream come true. My lashes are unique in that they are 100% natural hair, and the extra mild adhesive means that you can commit the cardinal sin of forgetting to take them off and still wake up looking gorgeous!"

As a big Made in Chelsea fan and an avid false eyelash wearer, I was so excited when Millie Mackintosh decided to release a collection for Nouveau Lashes! I've had them for quite a while now, and rightly so, given myself enough time to try out three of the lashes from the London series in order to be able to review them properly.

The collection consists of eight different types of false eyelashes, each named after a specific part of London:
  • Belgravia - Described as Millie's everyday lash, designed for the ultimate Chelsea girl.
  • Camden - A funky feel for an alternative kind of girl.
  • Carnaby - Young, fun, and unique.
  • City - Described as for the girl who means business.
  • Mayfair - The lash that transforms you to instant stylish chic.
  • Portobello - Flirty lashes for the vintage Notting Hill girl.
  • Shoreditch - For show stopping eyes with an edge.
  • Soho - For the bold and beautiful fashionista who likes to party.

Now, Millie herself is known for her false eyelashes because she is obviously filming for Made in Chelsea a lot of the time, so I think it's great that she has released a range of lashes which can be worn on a daily basis (eg. the Belgravia and City lashes) as well as more dramatic ones which can be worn for special occasions. Each set comes with it's own small pair of tweezers (super for shaky hands) and a small container of latex-free lash adhesive.
The Mayfair Lash
The Camden Lash
The Shoreditch Lash

Overall, I can safely say that each type of eyelash I tried out was very comfortable to wear and stayed put all day. The adhesive can be quite sticky when you remove them from your eyes, yet you don't even feel it once they're applied. I wish I could have the courage to sleep with them still on, but I have quite sensitive eyes and am a bit apprehensive about leaving them on in case I knock them about and ruin them! Perhaps one day I will test that part out. Until then, I still rate this really high up on the false eyelash standings - and let me tell you, I've tried out a fair few over the years!

I can't wait to try out her new summer collection featuring St Tropez and Ibiza - reviews for those will surely follow!

What do you think of Millie's lashes? Which are your favourites?

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