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Urban Decay Vice Palette

I received this palette some time before Christmas but there are so many shades to try out that I think I needed to give them all a trial run before I could properly review the product as a whole.

The Urban Decay Vice palette is a sophisticated product loaded with 20 never-before-seen shades, created exclusively for this collection. The set contains a mix of mattes, satins, shimmers, neutrals, and brights, offering tons of choice and a bit of everything for everyone. From metallic to shimmery green to jet-black satin, every shade contains Urban Decay's Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power, and infamous blendability.

The packaging is a rich dark purple, sleek and classic. It's very minimal for such a large palette, which I think makes the shades stand out even more! Simply press to open, and the dampened hinge slowly treats you to a glimpse of the booty inside. The outside casing is soft to touch, adding to the luxury, but can get a bit grubby with the smallest amount of makeup residue so baby wipes or makeup wipes are handy for keeping it clean. It also comes with a huge mirror and small double-ended applicator (shadow and crease brush) - which for the price is pretty essential.

First row - Metallics: 
Desperation, Muse, Jagged, Blitz, and Penny Lane

  • Desperation - Greyish taupe-brown matte-satin. Very much like a blend of Creep and Gunmetal in the first Naked palette, this shade has good colour payoff with a smooth application. Just remember to not get too much on the brush because you don't want any to fall down onto the tops of your cheeks.
  • Muse - Dark brown with a lovely golden multi-coloured shimmer. The colour payoff for this shade was pretty good, and it has noticeable sparkle. However, this sparkle does have a tendency to fall out on application.
  • Jagged - Sheer olive-tinted medium-brown with chunky gold and bronze glitter. I found this shade a bit trickier to apply, due to the gritty glitter, and ended up having tons of fall out which is a little disappointing. In my opinion this is my least favourite shade to apply, just because it doesn't have that amazing pigmentation with all the huge chunks of glitter, and really needs to be packed on to have a big effect. It was a bit of pain to work with overall to be honest!
  • Blitz - Yellow gold with a bright metallic finish. I like this shade - very classic for a gold colour which adds a bit of sophistication to any desired look. I was also pleasantly surprised with how this shade applied so smoothly for a metallic.
  • Penny Lane - Warm, light bronze with a golden metallic sheen. Like Blitz, this shade applied smoothly and looked more opaque when swatched, despite looking rather orange in the pan.

Second row - Blues:
Junkie, Chaos, Occupy, Unhinged, and Black Market

  • Junkie - Blue teal with a soft, frosted finish. It's described as having a gold shimmer but I would say it is very understated, and doesn't really show up in the swatch. I'm kind of confused with this shade; it looks so different in the pan (more green with gold flecks) but when applied it changes quite a lot to a more teal tone. Pretty nonetheless!
  • Chaos - Vibrant royal blue with hints of violet and blue micro-shimmer over a matte base. I'd say this is the most stand-out shade in the palette, and the one that every one recognises the most. It has great colour payoff, incredibly pigmented but I would say the texture is quite powdery - reminded me of the powder paint I used in high school art, actually.
  • Occupy - Dark grey-blue with silver and blue sparkle. To me, the glitter really showed up in this one, but thankfully, there wasn't much fall out on application which was a relief. It applied quite smoothly for a shade with similar shimmer to Blitz and Penny Lane. 
  • Unhinged - Electric turquoise blue metallic. I loved this colour. It was so pigmented yet still held its lovely shimmer on application, and there was minimal fall out too. It almost like a peacock or mermaid colour, adding a bit of playfulness to any look. I would probably use this under my eye or very close to the lash line.
  • Black Market - Dark charcoal-black matte-satin. This shade is unique and provided a good pigmentation and colour payoff. It applied evenly and held a slight shimmer which was nice. I think it would be a lovely shade to accentuate a smokey eye.

Third row - Purples:
Provocateur, Rapture, Vice, Noise, and Armor

  • Provocateur - Pale pink with hints of greyish mauve and chunks of pink and silver glitter. As you can see (or not see, to be more accurate) from the swatch, I didn't get on with this shade. The colour payoff wasn't that great and the glitter went everywhere because it was so chunky and gritty. You can see how glittery it is in the pan before you apply it, and I would say you really have to use it sparingly.
  • Rapture - Medium-dark purple with subtle burgundy undertones and a frosted finish. I thought the pigmentation of this shade was pretty good but I found the texture to be quite dry. There are hints of sparkle but it's not completely noticeable in the swatch.
  • Vice - Dark aubergine with a subtle red shimmer. The namesake for the palette, this shade has good pigmentation and colour payoff, and was smooth upon application. The shimmer was rather understated, much like most of the other purples in this set.
  • Noise - Bright pop of medium reddish-pink with subtle blue undertones and gold glitter. I think this shade had pretty good pigmentation and applied smoothly, but oddly the shimmer didn't seem to show as much as I thought it would. It looks really bright in the pan but it's much more muted when applied.
  • Armor - Greyish-brown metallic with silver micro-glitter. As you can see from the swatch, this shade had excellent pigmentation and was fairly smooth to apply. I definitely prefer the micro-glitter to the big chunks, simply because the fall out was surprisingly minimal and ran all the way through the swatch.

Fourth row - Neutrals:
Nevermind, Echo Beach, Anonymous, Freebird, and Laced

  • Nevermind - Light taupe-brown with shimmer. It had very good colour payoff and was one of the softest textures for a shimmery shade. I prefer neutrals for a daytime look and this particular is very warm but still dark enough to blend into the crease.
  • Echo Beach - Pale muted gold with subtle warm undertones and a frosted finish. Much like Nevermind, I think this shade had good colour payoff and applied well to the skin. It seems like a slightly lighter tone to its neighbour shade, but I think they could easily be used together to create a neutral lid.
  • Anonymous - Pale peach-ivory with a matte finish. Very much living up to its name in the swatch photo, the shade is incredibly understated but great for blending. It was soft but not powdery like Chaos, and it has good pigmentation for such a light matte shade. It doesn't have a big impact on my skin tone, however.
  • Freebird - Light peachy-pink with silver micro-glitter. This shade is very sheer on application compared to what it looks like in the pan. It also had a lot of fall out and took a lot to build up the colour, which is disappointing when you compare it to the other shades containing micro-glitter.
  • Laced - Pinky-taupe with a matte finish. Finally, we end on a matte shade. It had good colour payoff, and was soft without being powdery. I think this would be a great base shade for the start to any look.

I think the Vice palette is a real mixed bag overall. It has some really great shades, but others I don't think live up to the hype, especially on application. However, I do believe that there is definitely a shade for everyone in this palette, simply because there is a vase array of choice between mattes, shimmers, brights and neutrals. It's a good collection for the price if you like variety, but it's certainly dominated by frosts and metallics over matte-satins.

What do you think of the Urban Decay Vice palette? Which shades are your favourites?



  1. UGH I want this soo bad! Out of my price range though :(

    1. I agree that the price of the palette is quite steep but the shadows are great quality, and you get 20 of them to play with! Very much an investment, and an incentive to save some pennies! X


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