Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tool Kit: Enrapture Totem Styler

I have had the same pair of GHDs for about 8 years (I know, long life span - amazed, touch wood), and I used to use them for curling my hair as well as straightening; I've also had a Babyliss curling wand, which was okay but didn't give me the loose bohemian-esque waves I desired. About a month ago, I purchased this gem for half price and, let me tell you, it's the best styler I have ever tried!

The Enrapture Totem Styler is a tool perfect for creating ringlets, bohemian curls or soft waves by encoding your look and adding style to short, medium or long hair. It features a unique totem barrel that allows you to set three zones to different temperatures using the encoder dial, resulting in an array of different curls. I set mine to 123 - this means that the heat is higher at the bottom of the hair, making a tighter curl, while the top of the head is more loose and wavy - just the way I like it! The result is shiny loose waves which last longer than if I had styled it with another tool.

Included with the styler itself is a lovely stylish box, removable stand, a style guide booklet, and a heat resistant pouch so you don't ruin any surfaces. The tool heats up really quickly, and there is a sensor which ensures a high constant heat. I was a bit skeptical about using the mini flipper, because I was afraid it would make the bottom of my hair have that horrible kink after locking it in, but if you continue to curl and lock in the ends it's actually very useful to have. The mini flipper helps to maintain a tight curl, but also because it's titanium plated, it maintains a high heat too so you can use it closed to create looser curls.

This product also comes with a 3 year guarantee, and money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your purchase. I don't think you will be, however. I've loved using the styler and I've only had it a month! Once you're used to it you can create your desired style in minutes. And the fact that it's now only £29.99 on Amazon is an absolute bargain! I totally recommend it.

You can now purchase the entire Enrapture range at high street stores such as John Lewis, Selfridges, Next and Boots.

Have you used any Enrapture hair tools before? Will you be trying out the Totem Styler?

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