Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sweet Snacking: The Graze Box

Admittedly, I am one of the worst snackers in the world. This year I've been on a bit of a health kick - and lost 22lbs to date - so I decided to get motivated and tackle my snacking issues head on.

Graze are a UK-based company who prepare low calorie, highly nutritional snack foods that can be delivered to your home or workplace. I have a box delivered to my house every Thursday, and I'm always pleasantly surprised with what they give me to nibble on. Each box contains four portions of food, and you can choose from either the Light box (more nutritional, less chocolate) or the Nibble box (maximum variety, nothing is excluded unless you do it yourself).

On the website you browse through their ever-expanding collection of snacks, which come individually packaged in cute little punnets, and you select whether you would like to try them. Things you don't want to try, which for me is anything with onions or olives, you have the option to 'bin' so they never send them your way. You can also 'like' the product so they send them occasionally, 'love' the product so they send them often, and select the 'send soon' option which is pretty self-explanatory! Some products aren't available for send soons because Graze select the freshest ingredients on that day of packaging; this means snacks like fresh breads and some cakes are not available, for example.

Their range includes:
  • Healthy Popping Corn - Microwavable packets of yummy popcorn, which are a perfect portion. You can get Twist of Black Pepper, Slightly Sweet, or Lightly Salted. I prefer sweet popcorn, personally.
  • Dips and Dippers - These can be either sweet or savoury. My favourites are Summer Berry Compote with wholemeal shortbread, Crunchini Basilico (basil infused oil with crunchini), Tomato Dipinetti (slow cooked cherry tomato relish with rosemary grissinetti), and Toffee Apple.
  • Guilt-Free High Tea - Now, I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of the herbal tea. But the cakes? Oh my goodness. They are amazing! The options are Plum and Ginger Crumble, Apple and Blackcurrant Crumble, Banana Bread, Pumpkin and Ginger cake, Lemon and Poppy Slice and their 'Super' Carrot Cake.
  • Flapjacks - These may be my favourite of the Graze products. You get three mini flapjacks per punnet so you don't feel so guilty chowing down. The options here are Summer Berry, Apple and Cinnamon, Orange and Ginger, Honeycomb, and Fruit and Seed.
  • Marinated Olives - Personally, I cannot stand olives, but that doesn't mean that you don't! There are three types of olives to choose from: Moroccan Harissa, Lemon and Rosemary, and Basil and Garlic.
  • Savoury Selection - For people with a less of a sweet tooth, there are so many snacks to choose from to satisfy a savoury craving! From rice cakes, curry crackers and wasabi peas to bruchetta, herby bread baskets and savoury nuts - there's bound to be something which catches your eye. 
  • A Touch of Chocolate - Any punnet containing chocolate. Whether that's giant dark chocolate buttons or white chocolate covered raisins, these little gems are mixed with dried fruits, nuts and sponge pieces to create familiar and classic culinary pairings. My favourites are Marvellous Macaroon (amaretti drops, almond slices, coconut flakes and white chocolate buttons), Honeycomb Crunch (milk chocolate coated honeycomb, raisins and almonds), and Florentine (pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries).
  • Natural Treats - Mainly dried fruits and yoghurt covered raisins. Hot Cross Yum (sponge pieces, cinnamon and honey almonds and orange infused raisins) and Banoffee Pie (fudge pieces, almond slices, pecan nuts and banana coins) are my favourites!
  • Pure Fruit - For the fruit lovers! I like Apple Cosmo (lime infused raisins, cranberries and apple) and Tropical Daiquiri (pineapple, lime infused raisins and green mango).
  • Whole Nuts - Introducing unique nuts to add to your diet. They range from Salt and Vinegar nut selection and BBQ Pistachios to Heart Healthy Nuts (redskin peanuts, pecan nuts, brazil nuts and almonds) and Ancient Forest Nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds).
  • Pure Fruit, Nuts and Seeds - A real mix of delicious antioxidants. I like Pure Vitality (pumpkin seeds, inca berries and apricots) and Born in the USA (pecan nuts, cranberries and almonds).
  • Super Seeds - Just a punnet of boosting seeds! Ranging from granolas to omega boosters.

They've also very recently created a low calorie chocolate brownie, made without butter or flour and instead with grounds almonds. It looks delicious, and I can't wait to try that soon!

The team specifies the nutritional value of each punnet, whether it is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and coeliacs, and outline the products containing dairy. Your boxes get delivered for free by Royal Mail on a specified day of the week - you can order one every day if you want - and you can push back weeks or cancel them altogether without any fuss. You can also order one-off boxes. None of the orders require a signature, and the box is small enough to fit through your letter box. Once you receive you box you are encouraged to rate or slate it - just so Graze knows what not to send again. And don't forget to recycle your boxes when you're done with them!

I absolutely love that I've discovered this brilliant company. They've introduced me to new ways of snacking, they've allowed me to look at food differently, and curb my snacking habits which were becoming a huge problem! I've recommended them to friends and family, and if you do too (with the help of special codes) you can get more free boxes headed your way. The free code I received with this box is DR1J7P9D. That means if you go to this link and enter this code, you get a free box and I get £1 off my next box!

What do you think of Graze? Have you ever tried a Graze box before, or will you try one in the future? I'd love to know!

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