Friday, 8 March 2013

Delicious Treatments: Lush Lip Scrubs

Lush Lip Scrubs - £5.25 each

I was a huge fan of Lush when they first came to my town as a pre-teen. I used to love walking past the shop every day on my walk to high school and being uplifted by their gorgeous fresh scents which permeated out the door! I remember buying tons of bath bombs and face masks, and then my parents decided to re-do our bathroom and got rid of the tub! Rubbish!

Anyway, back to the present... I know we're moving into Spring now, but let's face it, in England the weather still feels Baltic up until about May! This means for me that my lips still get incredibly dry and chapped, even though I use aloe vera Vaseline religiously I need a little bit more help. Beauty bloggers have raved about these Lush lip scrubs and I can certainly see why now I've tried them out. Not only are they delicious (they're okay to lick off your lips, don't worry) but they work wonders for chapped and dry lips.

I bought Bubblegum, which tastes more like candy floss - yum! And I also purchased Mint Julips, which, if you like After Eights or those Mint Thins is definitely the scrub for you. Oh my goodness, it smells so amazing - I think it could double up as a treatment for blocked noses! It's strong and minty yet still with a hint of sweet chocolate. The main ingredient of the scrubs is caster sugar, and both also contain organic jojoba oil, are preservative free and suitable for vegans.

To use, you simply take a small amount of the scrub on your finger and buff it into your lips, paying close attention to the particularly dry areas. You can then lick off the excess and apply your lip balm or Vaseline. The product is designed to lift dead skin cells and flakiness on the lips. It leaves them feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

I think the price of the product is brilliant - you only need the tiniest amount for it to be effective and, because it's a small 25g pot, it's great for carrying around in your bag or your coat pocket!

Have tried any Lush lip balms or scrubs? Which are your favourites?

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