Monday, 4 March 2013

Clynol Haircare

I was recommended Clynol products by a friend, seeing as I needed to find a decent silver shampoo which worked for me. While I was at it I decided to buy some Repair shampoo and conditioner and I haven't looked back since! If you're not familiar with Clynol, they're a salon brand who have been on the market since 1924. They were originally called Kleinol and remained so for years until they joined the Schwarzkopf group in 1979. Since 1996, Clynol also became a part of the Henkel group. Their products now range from haircare, hair colours, hair styling, form, and salon tools.

I think the salon brand tries to cater for absolutely everyone in terms of haircare. Their products are divided into Colour & Care, Repair, Moisture, Hair Expert, Q10 Boost, Sun, Glow, and Keratin Sleek. Each of these sub-categories contain shampoos, conditioners and serums specifically designed to help your particular hair problem.

As I previously mentioned I have used mostly Repair products in the past. This time around I purchased the Repair Caress sealed ends serum, Colour & Care Restore conditioner, and the Clynol Speciality Clear Purifying shampoo. I have a really strange combination of hair type. Because I've bleached my hair to within an inch of its life with peroxide over the years, the ends are quite dry and brittle, while my roots still get oily. It's probably not in the best condition it could be, but it's definitely better than it has been since using these products - I might just need to stop using my straighteners and hair tongs so much!

First to the shampoo. The Speciality Clear Purifying shampoo is specifically designed for oily and overburdened hair and scalps. Using Pro.Pure.Complex with special deep cleansing agents, it provides a deep cleansing effect to remove oil and styling residues. I love the smell of this stuff too; it's tropical and fruity! It requires a bit of work to get it to lather up in the hair, however.

Next onto the conditioner. I bought Restore conditioner this time around, because I recently coloured my hair again, and it always needs a bit of help to put moisture back into it. The conditioner helps to maintain any colour applied to your hair for up to 30 washes. It contains liquid jewel extract to maintain shine and brightness, and apricot kernel oil which is a deeply nourishing enriching ingredient that protects the hair from colour damage. I find it difficult to explain how this smells - very fresh and almost like hints of coconut? Either way, it smells good!

Finally the serum. I've not tried something like this before, but I decided to take the plunge. Too much heat to my hair has left me with split ends and this little gem has helped me a lot! It contains richly indulgent macadamia oil combined with olive, sweet almond, apricot kernel, marula, sesame, and argan oils to make up a magnificent seven natural ingredients in order to heal and seal bad-tempered ends that are determined to fray and split. Once they're locked in and sealed, hair is left smooth and smelling gorgeous. The 3D action protects every fibre and cuticle and helps to stop any further breakage to the basic hair structure.

Have you used any Clynol products before? I'd love to know what you think of them!

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