Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tool Kit: MAC Brush Cleanser

MAC Brush Cleanser - £9.50

It's really important to clean your makeup brushes regularly, simply because a lot of product and bacteria can settle in the fibres and that generally makes it difficult to get a good finish on the skin, not to mention can bring on an unwanted breakout. The MAC brush cleanser literally arrived on my doorstep this morning and I couldn't wait to get going with it! I use mainly Real Techniques brushes (which are brilliant and I'd recommend them until the cows come home) and also a couple of Bobbi Brown brushes, and I spent a quick 10 minutes giving them all a much-needed clean.

The product itself doesn't smell unpleasant, which is especially good considering it is basically a disinfectant. A couple of drops on kitchen paper towel or an old Muslin cloth is all you really need for each brush, then you simply move the brush in a circular motion to get rid of all the product - you'll be surprised how much makeup is left on the paper towel! Afterwards you let the brush air-dry, and you're ready to use them again within 5 minutes because the cleanser dries so quickly. This particular cleanser is designed to clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibres so your brushes end up lasting longer. £9.50 for 235ml is pretty good, I think. I know that with regular cleaning, the bottle will still keep for a long time - so worth the money in the long run.

Have you used MAC brush cleanser before? What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?


  1. Wow you never realise how dirty brushes can get until you start to clean them! This is a nice cleanser for brushes and it isn't too expensive either!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

  2. I think the price is completely justifiable, especially for a MAC product! Thanks for reading :) xxx


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