Saturday, 2 February 2013

Soap & Glory: The Breakfast Scrub™

Soap & Glory: The Breakfast Scrub™ - £9.50  

I love Soap & Glory products, and have a fair few of them stocked in my bathroom cabinet. Bloggers have raved about this particular product, and after taking the plunge and purchasing it I can certainly see why. Not only does this body scrub smell divine, but it also leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky. So many delicious ingredients have been put into this scrub in order to truly make it good enough to eat (although I don't recommend consumption!). The ingredients include maple, banana, almond and honey extracts; and also oats, shea butter and sugar - it's sweet but not sickly which is pretty much the perfect balance. 

Unlike some exfoliators I have used in the past, the beads are rough enough to remove dead skin but not enough to leave my skin feeling sore from scrubbing. Directions for use are pretty simple: just scoop out the desired amount and rub it between your palms, then scrub in circular motions onto damp skin until you feel it has done its work. The texture is thick yet completely workable, and it comes in 300ml tubs so it's going to last you ages! Plus, it's great for tackling that nasty chicken skin we all get on our elbows!

What do you think of Soap & Glory products? Which ones are your must-haves?

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