Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. I discovered a few months back, and I think it's a great crafty website for buying gifts for the home, weddings, new babies etc. And that's where I found the cute ceramic letters. I figured you could buy letters to spell out "mum" or a loved one's name - doesn't have to be just for Mother's Day! 

2. The Harmonise home candle from Neom has actually been on my personal wishlist for a while now, but I figured it would be a great gift idea as well. It's actually huge, with three separate wicks, so it can burn evenly (for up to 50 hours!) and release a gorgeous fragrance. It is recommended that you light it for 2-4 hours at a time because the candle works as a powerful holistic treatment as you breathe in the scented air. The Harmonise candle's fragrance is described as "layers of green hibiscus combined with deeper woody undertones to create a balsamic unisex blend that is as uniquely warming as it is reviving".

3. If you've read my blog before, you know I am a huge fan of Liz Earle skincare. The heavenly hands and skincare collection is a limited edition Mother's Day gift, available until Saturday 9th March. For an incredible £29.00, you get a full-size Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser, 50ml bottle of Instant Boost skin tonic, 15ml tube of Skin Repair moisturiser, 2ml spritz of Superskin concentrate, 50ml tube of Hand Repair, 5g of Superbalm, and 2 pure muslin cloths. I think it's a fabulous offer, in which you save £18.00! What mum doesn't love a bit of pampering?

4. L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney is a fragrance described as "masculine and earthy, but still seductive and sensual". I think it's also a very fresh scent which is perfect for Spring! It contains subtle hints of lily of the valley, moss, truffle and amber. Stella also said herself that this fragrance was designed in mind for her mother.

5. My mum is constantly nicking my nail polishes so I thought of a colour that I know she would love to wear all the time. Red 753 from Dior is a gorgeous bright colour which would add sophistication to any look. The formula makes for a mix of lacquered shine and impeccable hold so it's not going to chip at the first sign of movement. It's a bit extravagant for a nail polish but I think it's a sweet gift to give as I know it will get used. 

6. For me, Hotel Chocolat beats the likes of Thorntons and Montezumas any day. Their chocolates are rich and delicious with a glossy finish, and incredibly moreish! The All About Mum sleekster selection is packed full of different chocolates, each decorated in jazzy colours. The £22.00 pack contains 24 treats, including creamy truffles, mellow pralines, silky soft caramels, chocolate mousse, champagne-filled morsels, and zingy lemon and blueberry flavours. You can also get a smaller version (H-Box) for just £12.00 if you don't have a lot to spend but still want to give some yummy chocolates.

7. If I'm ever in doubt as to what to get my mum for any occasion (be it birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, anniversary etc) I always think about what my mum wants for her kitchen. I'm blessed that she's such an incredible cook - she loves to bake most of all! I owe my expanding waistline to her, I think! I've bought Cath Kidston products for her before - she already has a couple of the mugs because she loves the floral patterns; she also has a matching apron and cupcake stand. We're a family who love a nice big mug of tea so Cath Kidston's selection of mugs are brilliant. I also threw in some floral and dotty tea towels there, because I'm a sucker for cute patterns. I recommend taking a look at the website for more ideas.

So these are all gifts that I know my own mum would love to receive - of course every mum is different, but most of these ideas are pretty foolproof! I always buy my mum a card and massive bouquet of flowers as well as a little something special!

What will you be getting your mama this Mother's Day? Don't forget it's Sunday 10th March in the UK!


  1. thank you so much for reminding me that its mothers day! haha love the Dior nail varnish too although id be tempted to keep it for myself x

  2. Haha, that's not a problem. Thought I'd get in a bit early so people have time to think about what they're buying! I get what you mean though, it's a bit of a cheeky post because they're all things that I wouldn't mind having too! X


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