Tuesday, 26 February 2013

MAC Pro Palette and Refills

MAC Pro Palette - £6.50 | MAC Eyeshadow Refills - £10.00 each

As you may already know, I'm a big fan of the Urban Decay Naked palettes (my post on the Naked Basics palette here) and I tend to gravitate towards neutral eyeshadow shades. I hesitate to say that my choice in eyeshadows was no different on this occasion, but I decided to pick matte shades which I could use on both my eyes and eyebrows, so really I could justify spending the money on four colours at £10 a pop. After watching a load of Pixiwoo makeup tutorials on YouTube I noticed that they used MAC eyeshadows in a lot of their videos in order to fill in their brows, and it made them look lovely and natural without any harsh lines. So I thought once I'd saved up a few pennies I'd do a bit of a makeup haul!

First off: the empty palette itself. I think this is great value for a MAC tool, and obviously when your chosen shadows are empty they're replaceable so the palette is for life unless you smash it somehow! I bought the palette with space for four eyeshadows, but they also sell a single, x2, blush x6 and x15. Each of them are ultra-slim, stackable and easy to use. The lids close like they're magnetic (not sure that they actually are though). It seems like I got in just in time as well, because this particular x4 Pro Palette seems to be sold out on the MAC website. But make sure to check back again because they're sure to get more in stock very soon.

Now onto the eyeshadows. The shade refills I bought were:
  • Brun - A matte rich dark brown shade. I use this to darken my eyebrows, adding in texture and making the brush strokes appear like real hairs. For my eyes, this colour is great for blending into the socket crease and lining the lower lash line with a fine brush. The high pigmentation means you don't need much. I can fast see this becoming one of my favourite eyeshadow shades!
  • Era - A warm natural taupe-brown shade. It actually reminds me of Urban Decay's half-baked just without the blatant shimmer. I find this colour is great for building onto, and I mainly use it on my eyelids and blend upwards. It has a very understated shimmer too, which looks great just under the brow bone.
  • Omega - A matte medium taupe-brown shade. It's quite similar to Era but I think it makes a fantastic base shade for drawing on brows, because it's light and would suit both blondes and brunettes. It also applies lovely over the eyelids or can be used in the crease as a transitional colour.
  • Vanilla - A cream shade with a hint of shimmer. I love how versatile this shadow is! I mainly use it in the inner corners of my eyes and as a highlighter for my brow bone. It looks pretty shimmery  in the pan but it actually applies quite matte. This shade would definitely work as a base on the eyelid for really pale skin. It's such a lovely colour though, with medium pigmentation for my skin colour.

I know the price of the eyeshadow refills are quite off-putting to begin with, and I suggest if you're tight for money then you slowly build up your collection, but I think that the quality of the products make up for it. I've not been disappointed at all with any of these eyeshadows. Next time I buy refills I think I'll be a bit more daring and go for some brighter shades!

Have you purchased any kind of Pro Palette? Which shades can't you live without in your makeup routine?

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