Tuesday, 21 June 2016


What's this? A bouquet of flowers that can be posted through your letterbox? Ingenious! 

I had been in two minds about ordering flowers online, questioning both quality and freshness; after all, most store-bought bouquets last a week at best, give or take. But I decided to take the plunge, even if it was just for a one off, because flowers can be pretty expensive. The premise of Bloom & Wild is really simple. Either order a single bouquet of your chosen flowers (all sets are called ridiculously beautiful girly names) or start a subscription to receive a monthly surprise bouquet. Such a lovely idea. 

Deciding I needed a little pick-me-up - single girl memo: buy your own damn flowers! - I spotted the gorgeous-looking and oh-so-aptly named 'Belle' bouquet and a cheeky £10 off your first order reminder. I mean, how could I pass up the opportunity?

For some reason I find peonies are so difficult to come by in shops, especially at a decent price. One of my favourite flowers, alongside roses of course, I honestly couldn't resist purchasing a bouquet which featured both so harmoniously before the super short peony season is over. Proof nothing beautiful lasts forever, eh?

The Belle contains:
- Sarah Bernhardt peonies
- creamy athena roses
- subtle pink la belle roses
- green bell
- bupleurum

The head of each bloom is carefully netted by hand to protect every petal on its journey so the bouquet arrives through your letterbox in the perfect condition. The box also contains plant feed to keep your flowers fresher for longer and a pretty little ribbon which I tied around the neck of the vase I popped them in.

At £33, the Belle is not cheap by any means, but I've found the quality is superb (and £10 off helped sway my decision). The peonies fully opened up within two days on a sunny windowsill and wilted around the two-week mark. Not bad at all by my standards. The roses, however, have lasted ages. I cut them down when I got rid of the peonies, popped them into a smaller vase with fresh water, and they're still going strong four weeks later - seriously! So impressed!

Bundle/subscriptions start from £60, and if you have that kind of disposable income then I would totally recommend buying yourself something pretty. Equally, if you're just looking for a one-off bouquet, I would definitely recommend Bloom & Wild. Any of the beautiful bouquets would make a wonderful surprise gift or brighten up a special occasion.

The Belle retails at £33, with subscriptions starting from £60.

Saturday, 30 April 2016


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April seems to have come and gone in a complete flash! I can't quite believe it's gonna be May tomorrow (and yes, that JT meme has already done the rounds on my Facebook, haha) I've worked pretty much the entirety of April, and then spent most weekends over at best friend's flat. We've had lots of planning to do over the past month - and we've indulged in way too many takeaways, brunches and wine sessions whilst doing it. Living the life, aren't we? Haha!

Oh, and in the last few days I somehow reached 1,000 followers on Instagram! It may not seem like a big number to a lot of people but I was so excited when I saw. I honestly never thought that I'd get more than a couple of likes on anything I posted so it was a real treat to see that a three-figure sum of you now follow my little account. I know we always say that we shouldn't worry about the numbers and just produce great content but it really means a lot so thank you! I definitely see my Instagram account as an extension of my blog (of which is currently not churning out content, sorry!) and it's my favourite social media platform by far.

I have to admit, I'm seriously excited for May. I've got a whole two weeks off work (haven't had a week off since October so I'm looking forward to it so much!) and I'm cramming a whole lot of stuff in! I can't wait to finally go up to Yorkshire for a week to see my northern bestie and meet little baby Jonathan for the first time. He'll be around 7 or 8 weeks old when I go up and I can't wait to give him lots of cuddles and spoil him rotten. I'm definitely going to be that cool, fun aunt! I'm also going on a road trip to Bath, day trips to Brighton, and finishing off with a long weekend in London! Yeah, May is going to be awesome!

How was your April? What are you looking forward to most in May?

Thursday, 31 March 2016


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Remember back in January when most of us are optimistic about 2016 being "our" year? Well, it's almost April and I feel like I'm much worse off, haha! Can I get a do-over? It's not that this month has been terrible by any means, but it's certainly not been the best ever.

But hey, we're a happy blog so we're going to focus on all the positive things that have happened in March instead of dwelling on all the missed opportunities, sucky relationships, crazy anxiety attacks and what ever else that's been thrown my way...

As you can see from my photos, it's just a whole lot of beauty and food. No surprises there! I've been spending a lot of time with family and friends. Friends especially, which has been lovely. I think I've been out every weekend this month (calm down, grandma) and some of them I can't even remember through drunken stupor - whoops! I only have the scratches and bruises to prove my idiocy, haha...

This past weekend was a bit more chilled. I munched my way through a load of Easter chocolate after a long few days at work. Then, after a super long phone conversation, I decided to pack a bag and drive up to my friend's flat for a little old school sleepover. We basically ordered way too much Domino's, watched movies and complained to each other about boys the entire time. Ahhh, just like old times! It was actually so blissful and I was really glad for the time. I slept through Storm Katie that night - you won't believe the amount of sarcastic blame I got for the namesake - and we went for a pretty walk around Emsworth on the bank holiday, ending up in a little cafe for a spot of afternoon tea. It was delicious, and the scone was practically the size of my head.

Another great thing to happen this month was that my best friend finally had her baby! I say finally, because the little one was due on St. Patrick's Day (17th) and ended up arriving on the 29th instead. I think I texted Lou every day asking her if she'd had the baby yet, I was so crazy excited. So welcome to the world, Jonathan Matthias! I can't wait until my 2 week holiday at the end of May so I can finally travel up to Yorkshire to see the little munchkin - there will be happy tears!

Now, enough about me and my month... I want to know what your opinions are on the proposed Instagram timeline changes? I personally don't see the point in changing a good thing (it's "insta" for a reason, no?) and I will definitely be stalling any app updates in the near future. I know some users are already being used as testers but hopefully these changes are a long way off, or cause such an uproar that they'll decide against it in the end. Either way, if you want to see any future posts of mine pop up on your timeline it would be lovely if you could turn on notifications for my posts - besos!

Saturday, 26 March 2016


Hey everybody! 

This is just a little short post wishing you all a lovely long Easter weekend. I hope you're enjoying being in the company of family and friends, and indulging in all the chocolate and hot cross buns you can get your hands on. I know I am...

I worked Good Friday and Saturday and, being a bakery, it was absolutely mental. I'm actually exhausted and so glad I get two days to recuperate before the madness of half term commences. I can't tell you how many packs of hot cross buns I've sold in the past week, it's definitely in the 100's. And yet, I still want to eat them myself - crazy!

So I'm spending Easter Sunday at home with my family. My brother is coming round for a roast dinner and we're having hot cross bun bread and butter pudding for dessert (if you saw This Morning earlier in the week you'll know what I'm talking about - ohhhh buddy!) Of course, there's obviously chocolate too. We don't usually go too mad on Easter eggs as we're a bit older now, but I might have bought myself an egg from Betty's, along with some cute little Easter biscuits. My Mum got me the M&S Beehive Honeycomb Egg that I had been eyeing up on a recent food shop too. It's ah-ma-zing. A milk chocolate egg studded with honeycomb pieces with 8 Scottish heather honey caramels. Oh my god. A honey lover's dream!

I will probably spend the Monday in a chocolate coma, watching movies on the sofa like an upturned tortoise. And I'm totally cool with that.

What are your Easter plans?

Sunday, 20 March 2016


It's been such a long time since I treated myself to some brand new makeup brushes, and while I really love using all my MAC brushes and Real Techniques sets I decided I wanted to splurge on a different brand. Having seen beauty bloggers the world over raving about the brush sets by Zoeva Cosmetics, I just had to give them a look myself...

Oh my god... So. Much. Choice. This was a situation where choice was both great and awful. Which set did I really need? I finally decided on their newest limited edition set - the Rose Golden Vol. 3, complete with handy yet spacious faux leather clutch bag - and I'm so, so happy with my purchase.

The set contains eight luxurious face and eye brushes in a sleek metallic rose golden design. They are described as a "modern day fairy tale for flawless makeup application every time", and I have to agree that they are an absolute dream to use. They are lovely and soft, and really do blend makeup wonderfully. You'll also be pleased to know that all the brushes are cruelty-free so you can apply your makeup guilt-free.

The brushes in the set are:

103 Defined Buffer - Adds definition and structure to the complexion effortlessly.
109 Face Paint - Works tirelessly to provide flawless coverage to the complexion using powder, cream and light-based foundation.
114 Luxe Face Focus - A luxurious makeup tool for flawless highlighting techniques.
129 Luxe Fan - A high performance powder brush which helps to erase product fall out and apply a light coverage of powder.
142 Concealer Buffer - Expertly distributes the desired product onto the complexion to disguise and hide any imperfections and blemishes.
228 Luxe Crease - A multi-tasking eyeshadow brush which blends and shades makeup in the crease of the eye.
234 Luxe Smoky Shader - The ultimate eyeshadow brush for creating a professional smoky effects.
317 Wing Liner - A broad, angled eyeliner brush which is perfect for creating professional winged eyeliner looks.

This limited edition set retails at £75, which seems like a lot but you get eight high-quality brushes and a lovely clutch to carry them about in. I justify it by working out how much I've spent on MAC brushes over the years and it actually makes this set seem like peanuts, haha!
So naturally, still browsing their website, this other rose golden beauty caught my eye like a metallic-loving magpie. And, at £13, it sort of just fell into my virtual basket, oops!

If you know me, you know I just love contouring and anything to make my face appear skinnier (still got those dodgy chubby hamster cheeks). This beautiful rose golden blush palette was calling my name from the very start, and how could I possibly resist?

The Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette contains three indulgent shades that, when used in conjunction with each other, create a gorgeously bronzed complexion. Featuring an extremely lightweight texture enriched with vitamin E to nourish the skin whilst simultaneously injecting with complementary colours. 

The palette contains:

Heavy Crown - A muted chocolate with a matte finish that is perfect for creating a bronzed glow.
Glowing Still - A pure white iridescent hue that illuminates the complexion beautifully. This is honestly my favourite highlighter to use at the moment, so dreamy!
Palace Door - A regal peach-toned rose gold shimmer that adds a sumptuous flush of colour to the cheeks.

All the shades glide onto the skin so effortlessly and blend out pretty much flawlessly to give a buildable coverage. I don't normally use a blusher or a highlight in my every day look because my cheeks are quite flushed anyway, but I really love these two shades in the palette and think they all work really well together.

The Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 3 Luxury Brush Set and Rose Golden Blush Palette are both available on Beauty Bay and the Zoeva website.